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The tunnel riser works great! Thanks @ablairlamb


That looks very nicely done.

I’m doing one of these at the moment, reusing some old cell groups that were my first ever from a few.yesrs ago - it ain’t flash. Built up the deck by epoxying a bezel around it, and then lots of glass. Allows double stacked 18650’s to fit.


I’ll check and see if I can figure out that angle. It looks like you have it set well - looks to be around maybe 14° (mine has slightly more angle and is at 24° according to Ethan)

Glad to hear the tunnel riser worked out too! Looks awesome

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Machined a bigger chamfer for the edge of the stormcore case so there’s a bit of gap between it and the enclosure.

I had to opt to sealing the enclosure holes as the motor wires going from the tunnel riser into the holes make it very tight and unsightly.

@Venom121212 came thru and helped me model a simple square plate with the two hole plugs. Afterwards i figured out a shape for my plate, and went with a pill shaped plate. Ehh i did what i could with the situation. Gonna sand mating surfaces and epoxy them on. Might be able to do a carpark maiden ride tomorrow!


All tidy.

With the enclosure on, this is my ground clearance. Bringing the baseplate angle to accommodate the angled deck made them stick outwards more, making a longer wheelbase and lower ground clearance. @andoug got a spare set of baseplates that do not change the wheelbase so i got it from him.
Waiting for them to arrive then I’ll put them on.

I did a carpark ride! Finally, after trying every type of MTB i could, trampa, Kaly, Lacroixs, MBS, and even some knock off ones, this is the one set up that can turn easily and nicely. Most MTBs with channel trucks have this pendulum effect when turning. I never liked that feeling. So with this, i am VERY satisfied. Will take beauty shots tomorrow


Damn @Linny fuck this proto looks fucking CLEANNN!!! Definitely A Good Build Thread!


I’m also not a fan of the traditional high rebound channel truck.

Have you tried PKP or RTKP? Those can also be setup to be low rebound like the 3-links

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Beauty shots.

Its done! For the most part. I love this build, one of the more refined ones I’ve assembled so far.

I’ll bring it to a maiden ride during the weekend.
@BillGordon joinin?

My settings are as follows
Motor Max 100A
Motor brake -100A
Battery max 150A, 75A per side
Regen -15A

Curious to see its mileage and wh/km


Absolutely. I need to do a shakedown on the Evo, so perfect opportunity.

This board is gorgeous man. -100A brakes must be super strong!

First ride! Rode with Bill and my apprentice.

We rode for about 20km or so.

I was trying to figure out and tune the trucks to my liking. This 3 link is very different compared to Stooge’s. The front is set to 40 deg, and the back is 10 deg or so.

I am trying to get a sweet spot of very good turning radius, and decent stability for 50km/h. Will report back once i find a good setting.


Baseplates came. It brought down my wheelbase from 92cm to 82cm. Waow.


Did you end up installing any risers? I’m currently not running risers. Hangar sits at same height as the enclosure. At full lean the sides of the enclosure are very very close to touching the ground. I’m probably going to add maybe 1/8 or 1/4 in risers

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I got a 5mm riser up front, and a 12mm riser on the back

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Ah I also forgot you have the thick enclosure gasket

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Todays a car free sunday, where roads are closed for all types of recreation and mobility devices.

Did a good ride with a few folks as well as towing two friends that were out of battery. This pack is STRONG.


When we are all real old, after AGI wrecks shop, I hope that we can have a “boards and blunts” style meet up. It’s cars and coffee, but less stiff backs and wrinkles.


hey guys I’m new here but i have this eboard that has a stormcore 60D+ and it was performing well for a couple of days but after a ride the power button was flashing red and then the board was not responsive with the motors and the power button won’t turn off but if i unplug the core from power supplier and replug in it would be solid blue and motors would respond but after a bit would go back to flashing any ideas what’s wrong?

Check that battery, make sure all the cell groups are good, check total voltage. Does this board have a smart bms? Its a good idea to start a new thread instead of hopping on this build thread if you want ti get more better attention. Take a bunch of good pictures. If you’re too new - do all the welcome bot activities to get your account privileges