Kushboard HAYA | 10s?p P42A? Haya 83 Custom Skin | 3 Link DH trucks | Loaded Hubs | Unity

Greetings skater folks, I am back for another build. Two months ago I broke my collarbone because (i think) i braked on my remote on accident and i flew and ran 4 steps before landing on my shoulder at 25km/h.

I am alive thankfully but it gave me time to think about life, maybe quitting my 1.7k/month job, visiting all my craftsmen/workshop friends I had no time to visit, and of course, gathering parts for a new build.

Months before I brokey myself, I was able to snag a Haya 83, the shortboard version FYI from @abusfullofnuns, and I started to gather parts for my next stealth build.


Following a similar build to my Kushboard Chonkas, a DIY stealth board I built in 2020, I am going for a slightly lighter weight this time, as back then I did a 10s3p and it ended up being very heavy for stealth, and I did not require that much range, that board was very efficient, using only 18% juice after a 15km ride. So I am possibly thinking of a 10s2p P42A.

As for my drivetrain, I was lucky to acquire a set of Loaded Hubs with orange sleeves with Caguamas for the front from @Venom121212, and will be using that.

For the trucks, i’ve pondered for a looooooong while, since the hubs fit on any 8mm axle, I have unlimited options for which trucks to use. I could try fancy TKPs and RKPs, expensive DH trucks etc, hell even the Rojas trucks came to mind, but I did not have a couple thousand on hand to spend on trucks. However, @Ac53n had a pair of Stooge’s 3 link DH trucks for sale, so it is on the way to me now.

Powering the board will be a spare Unity I have lying around, since this will be relatively low powered, I do not see the need for anything too crazy.

I have seen the small but possible issue with delamination of the Haya deck, so I am planning to sand it clean, and skin the bottom of the deck with some decorative carbon fiber. It has already arrived but I am going to need a few weeks till I am back at the shop to actually work on it.

This is the one i got, i might paint a transparent green over it after the skin, or with an undercoat of green pigmented epoxy, we will see.

That is all I got for now, what do you think? I aim to get the board’s weight to be around 7 kilos or so, but it might be closer to 8, hopefully it won’t feel too heavy.


wake up guys, new linny build thread dropped :clap:

can’t wait to see this progress, love your boards


Make sure you go up and into the recess for the baseplate as well!

Keen to see the progress!


Got it, i’ve re-read the older threads from you and a few others. For skinning for strength, should I apply it in this order?
Base gel coat (cure fully/tacky touch)?
Decorative CF
Clear epoxy?


Yep laying the cloth onto a tacky layer will help get it to conform to sharp corners and stay there.

Let that cure and then add clear layer/s


Joking but not joking. They’re so dreamy

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Hmm, everything is kinda here so here’s a mock-up of the build. Wow the proportions look good actually


Dude that looks so good. You never cease to come up with clean, awesome looking builds.

Thank you! It is all an accidental success to be honest. I never really know because it’s all in my head till i put them together.

Hmm… Paint the trucks or sand the deck tomorrow, to prep for carbon fiber skin?


I’m going to vote for “whichever you can get done in one session” because that always gives me the biggest motivation boost to finish a concrete step in the build, and because I’m projecting my need for motivation onto you :joy:


Deburred, sanded and rounded every edge of the truck, as well as scotch brited every surface to prep for paint.

Then goes on the metal epoxy primer. Paint goes on tomorrow



I am so excited to see how that comes out, looks great so far!


Gonna be the best looking set of 3-links around!


Does look pretty sexy




Glad those 3 links are gonna finally be getting some use! Have you tried riding them yet?


Not yet, I disassembled and painted it the moment i got it haha.

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Machining bearing spacers to perfectly space the wheel out so i use the full axle. This is more of a wheel bite thing since this hangar is about 145mm long.

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Bold move haha. Hopefully the links don’t need any adjusting and mess up your paint job.