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KSB - Kids See Boosted | 10S3P 30T | Dual NEOboxes | 5052s 210kv / 5570s 190kv | Boa constrictors | Loaded Vanguard

This is going to be my next build, hopefully Ill have it done in a few weeks :slight_smile:


Deck : Loaded Vanguard flex 3

Enclosure : @Eboosted 10s Vanguard enclosure pack

ESC : Two 1.7 Focboxes (connected via canbus) @SkateYS

Battery : @thisguyhere 10s3p Samsung 30t

Remote : Flipsky VX1… Maybe my OSRR remote if my other build ends up falling flat :roll_eyes:

Wheels : Otang Purple Kegals

Motors : Boosted v1 dual + (battle hardened by @akhlut )

Pulleys / Mounts / etc : Boosted v1 dual +

I love how low profile and fitting the eboosted enclosure is! Feels very durable as well.

I havnt thought of a name yet… maybe it doesnt need one :man_shrugging:

more posts coming when my ideas need fine tuning

also yes im well aware that wheel is on backwards, I just wanted a quick shot for a little more meat on my post :V


That are purple Kegel wheels. Not Caguamas.:grinning:

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Woops, I thought that name was for the purple and blue wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

Call it the Forest Whitaker

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i giggled a little

Im either too young or too far under a rock to understand x_x


The problem isn’t young, because I’m old and must be under the rock with you.


Maybe because it looks similar to a boosted (its kinda what im going for… lul) ? I googled his name and got a bunch of ‘lookalike’ hits


Zodiac Killer

What about Endless Sn4Pz? Because it looks like a Endless Atmosphere, where all things vanish at some time.

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We’ll see, Ive got a few cool ideas :slight_smile:

I have the perfect name for your board:

The Purple Haze



I was planning on a purple griptape, but it made the board feel a little too effeminate for my tastes.

I don’t have the nuts to run some cool weed griptape where I am. U(niversity)P and U(tica)P just love easy reasons to get people ticketed or booked, respectively.

I have that grip waiting still folded up…

Came with creases :face_vomiting:


Nah dude mine looked like what you described but once I laid it out for a few days it was fine. It turned out to be bit that you peel to adhere the grip to the board. It was too long and make the grip look all crunched up.

Or maybe yours got squished :frowning:

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Yeah it came from Amazon folded semi-loosely in about 6" increments. In a padded bag.

Somehow you are psychic and I did crunch it on accident. Another one for $10 oh well.

Triangle is the strongest shape my ass

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Call the assholes, tell them you want a refund. They will ship you new group.


I wasn’t thinking about it, but when I ordered the heatsinks for my DRV chip… I didn’t notice the DRV was on the side facing the heatsink.

I have an extra thermal pad, would double stacking pads to achieve contact and pressure on the DRV be acceptable? I know the less pad the heat has to travel through the better… But wouldn’t something be better than nothing?

Would sharing the thermal mass between the mosfets and DRV be bad? I don’t expect mosfets temps over 60c on this board.

Weird. My Amazon grips always arrived rolled around a tube. Get that shit refunded

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