Knobbly AT hubs and tyres - needed urgent UK

I urgently need a set of ATs with knobbly tyres:
Any size new or used as long as they are serviceable and will fit 8mm axles

Also need 2 x wheel pulleys HTD5 pitch for the above

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Won’t you need belts too?

RSonline :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if they’re in stock but Bergmeister’s are shipped pretty damn fast.

It took 4 days to get to me to the Netherlands. Ordered the 17th of Feb. and was delivered the 21st.

Okay they might not be very knobby.

knobbly tyres to fit the berg hubs i have would be even better!

Trampa Superstar hubs and get the 8mm bearing adapter. Easy, fast


I have a many many belts in many sizes so am all good on that front

trampa sell those too?

Yes. That they fit there street trucks with 8mm shaft. Just search for bearings and they should be listed

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thanks @Andy87 you are a star!


I have spare set of these with tubes if you get desperate

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thanks :slight_smile: where are you based?


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any chance you could pop then in the post first class? I will order some from aliexpress today and post them out to you once they get here?

Just realised I won’t be able to do it till late tomorrow (I’m not where my workshop is today)

that would be perfect :slight_smile: and i would be eternally grateful

i need them for paris so they should be here mon or tues next week which would be just what the dr ordered

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I will try my very best to make the post office before it closes

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you are an absolute star sir!

Superstar all the way. Hope you get it setup for Paris:)