Just built my first board but I’m not really happy with it

I just built my first board with dual 650watt hubs, a dickyho ESC and a 10s 10ah lipo pack I put together with a BMS. I love riding it but there have been some major problems I’ve noticed. First is that there are a lot of small bumps in the roads around me that rattle the board and make riding uncomfortable. Second is that I can make it up some steep hills around me but it slows the board significantly. Third is that there are some spots around town that I would like a little more ground clearance (10-15mm) for because I scraped my enclosure. The solution I came up with would be a belt setup with more powerful motors and cloud wheels. Also I would need a VESC for that. I have $200 now and I’m not sure what would be the best thing I could upgrade now and continue riding and then eventually buying additional parts until I have what I want. Also I need advice for trucks and motor mounts because it seems they are all very expensive or require lots of work.


For $200 I’m pretty sure you can get a decent set of "6 tires. That should help you with the clearance and vibration. What kind of trucks do you have?

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Yeah but as he run hubs he couldn’t ride with them till he get outrunner and a belt drive.


if the hubs have replaceable pu it might be an idea to look for thicker thane for the hubs. also, a riser combined with shock pads will help the vibration as well. these combined will also get you more height. To get you up more hills, I’d already invest in 2 cheap vesc 4s, and try to push a bit more current into your hubs. are you running lipo or liion?


True, I’m trying to think of what he can do with what he has. I think it’s either more powerful motors or gentler riding. Depending on his trucks he can try single bigger motor for now plus tires.

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He has hubs, a small battery, no heating and an unconfigurable esc, etc

For the price, you got what you paid for.

Performance, reliability, cheap. Pick two

I would suggest building something like the @BuildKitBoards kit.
Upgrading the motors may require a new ESC, will require pulleys and belts, finally mounts. New rear truck as well. Depending on what it is, your battery may not be up to it. Then you need two new wheels for the rear.


He wrote.

I would first have a look at which lipos that are.
Maybe those are already the reason why he slow down.

Than like you suggested get some vescs which is durable with 200$.
Change settings and look how much power you can really get out of the hubs.

In the mean time save money to get some motors, belts mounts and the other stuff you need.


Spot on with this formula. So now the question is how can his build be best upgraded for $200?
From what he wrote I think he needs to decide between vescs (power) or bigger wheels (comfort).


Yeah it kinda sounds like you just need to plan the next build a little better.
Not much you can do about increasing comfort on a hub build, best bet would be a flexible deck.
But that doesn’t solve the desired for better hill climbing and more clearance.
Really you’re looking at replacing.
Wheels, mounts, belts, motors, ESC and rear truck. That’s pretty much a new build.


What ever he does he will be best off in the long term the more he spends on good parts, but best bet is get them in an order that can be slowly replaced… electronics first then the jump to belt drives I think


Shock pads will do clearance and comfort at least


Clearance yes, comfort not really


I think you said spot on the best solution yourself.
As a vesc i would wait for the NEObox from @jeffwuneo that shall start shipping ( middle of febuary i believe? if there are no unforseen delays :wink:)
Those are “cheap” quality esc. They are being shipped to testers atm.

As for motors, for 200 you need could get 2 5065 racerstar motors from banggood but you need to order them rn because they take at least a month to ship.
As for motor mounts, I need to know what trucks you have?
If you have caliber style I could sell you some slightly used TB motor mounts with clamps.
Belts,motor pulley, those are cheap.
So summary:

  • 5065 motors = 80usd
  • motor mounts= ~60
  • wheels = 120
  • wheel pulley = ~60
  • 2 neo vesc =180


Quite expensive eh?

Or you go single drive with one TB 6380 motor
That will have the price of above except the wheels and 1 6380 will cost 120usd.

I know it is tough, this is why sometimes make a build longer but in the end you won’t buy parts twice because you were on a budget :wink::+1:


I started with the same setup then yours except the Lipos, I had a crappy 10S5P LiIon pack.
I would upgrade the ESC first to two quality VESC based ESC’S.
The market is a bit underwhelming at the moment. Flipsky is unreliable and the Makers-X ones are still not really tested.
With a bit of luck you could score a Unity used for 200$ the only downside is that you are locked in firmware and software side.
Buy decent ESC’S and keep those as the brain of your future belt drive.
What hubs do you use? If they are the same as Meepos you could upgrade to 100mm thane sleeves.


I’ll just try to find a good quality VESC for now and then go from there. Should I go dual or just two singles?


I’ll have some og single focboxs for sale in about a month. Maybe 3 weeks. Ones new, other is almost new.


I’m running a Maker-X dual vesc-compatible and it’s working great. Paid $125 but might be cheaper now. Configured properly, it will give you a power boost and won’t be as jerky as the Dickyho ESC. But you will need a separate remote, the cheapest of which is around $30.

That will solve one problem.


I agree and highly recommend it for the money. I consider this to be a bare minimum ESC for anything now.

“Just built my first board but I’m not really happy with it”

Well, Welcome to esk8 :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheer up mate. You can improve it. Save some cash. Be patient. Learn from others. You are one step away from success.