Jeff Friesen Interview: Enertion, Unity, Remotes, and More

oh shit… what if there’s two of them…



Rules 1 & 2 Damon.

It’s Friesen tho.

Let’s go back to talking about your top knot.

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There i fixed it everywhere except in the video itself. He should have spelled it right in telegram. That’s what he gets.

The secret is to start with a tight high tail then twirl the tail around so that its twists up into a spiral and wants to stay in a bundle, then cap it with an elastic bracelet of some type. I used a black spikey one.

I’ll tell you more over dinner, you gorgeous hunk.

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This was great! My favorite part surprisingly was when you guys got into embodied cognition, inverted pendulum & talking dynamic systems theory. I’ve always wondered how EUC’s get that shit down so well, makes alot of sense now!


i really enjoyed talking to him. He’s super easy to talk to and has a brain the size of a planet.


awesome interview… loved the freeform banter about a myriad of disconnected concepts!

Be good to have another one of these with jeff in ~2 months.


any of u guys got time for an enertion raptor 2.05 issue ?

aslo whats jeffs profile I saw him talking about my issue and I think he might know