Janux-Esk8 Gear drives for Caliber 2 Trucks

Let me start off by saying that this is my first try at beta testing a product (tel-tail close second). I definitely have a lot to learn on documenting because I get lost in the moment. These are all the post from the other forum, just condensed into one long post. A few pics and videos as well. Anyone going to denver is more than welcome to give them a try.

Marcmt has designed a new gear drive to fit caliber 2 trucks! Of course it only fits 6354-6356 motors but the easy install and the ability to easily switch between gear sizes makes it really convenient. With a couple of allen wrenches I can change between a 42t-46t and 15t-18t. He let me use the drive to test it out and I will be posting pictures as well as performance on my various rides

The first setup is the slowest setting. 15t/46t gives you great torque and some really fun acceleration. I only rode late last night for 15 minutes at around 12:30am.

I Couldn’t really see to get it to full speed but it was more to get a feel for the board and the drive. Drove it on rough roads, on dirt and even through some grass (eventually the grass was too high and soft). It powered through it all with no problems. My attempt is to ride every day of the week on different roads and just take info. Here are a few more pics of the drive

Edit: I forgot to mention that there can be a bunch of wheel bite because of the use of caliber 2s and pneumatic wheels!

Some off road testing today!!

Went a little further, a little faster and a lot more off road. I actually got better efficiency this go around

Another thing i forgot to mention is the noise chamber installed. It really does reduce the sound of the gear drive. I personally think it’s no louder than belt drives.

The carving with narrow trucks is tons of fun! Plus the sound is quiet enough not to be annoying but loud enough to sound like your from the future! Marc is a cnc wizard !!!

Quick ride video

This is the latest version of my gear drive. Switched the deck to an Evo and the 6x2 to some bergmeisters. This has become my baby!!! I loved the deck so much I bought another!!!

Decided to do a hill climb near the rural part of south sd


This has to be my favorite gearing so far… 17/42 gets me plenty of torque to climb but capable of hitting 35mph on a 10s

Here is the info for just the climb

So far there have been a few issues…

  1. The spur pulleys only had one grub screw holding it on to the motor. It was nearly impossible to keep the pulley from getting loose. This has been temporarily fixed by adding a second grub screw and will be solved by having spur pulleys with keyway slot

  2. One of the wheels spacers was made using acetal delrin. It seems that it may have morphed and caused the bearing to explode during the ride. The rear wheel is secured by more than just the nut so wven though i lost
    That and a bearing during the ride, i never was in any danger. The spacer has been replace with aluminum. It was more for testing to see if it WAS possible. Found out It wasn’t lol

  3. pneumatics are the only current option, however I hav seen personally the kegel and flywheel adapters. Surfrodz adapters coming so that means liquid trucks as well!!!

So far Im in love with the sound, torque and speed of these drives. My dual 6355’s make me grin ear to ear as I carve the streets and hit the dirt! I will keep updating as I go.


How’s wheelbite on the evo with bergs? Are you still using 10" cal 2s?

I am and the wheel bite only exists if i want to turn 180 degrees. Otherwise im carving at speeds other boards can’t! The narrow trucks really are great for tight turns

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This is not available for purchase, right?
I’d love to try em on the new boardnamics precision caliber hangers.

They do not work for the boardnamics hanger just yet (boy did I try.)… a different adapter would be needed

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How are narrower trucks any better for tight turns?

I used the wrong vocab i guess. They just feel a lot more agile than trucks with longer width. I guess you can compensate with tuning of bushings but my calibers carving compared to @RedBaron 240mm, i was hitting in between the lines and baron had a bigger arc. Same thing with my 218… the narrower trucks feel more “snappy” and allow for a change in direction a lot quicker than my 218’s… the split angles were the same btw

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…but the hangar shouldn’t affect the turning circle? Isn’t that dependent on the baseplate and pivot only? I guess the inertia and leverage of rotating the hangar makes a difference if you have chunky drivetrains

Narrow trucks are just more responsive.

Thats the word i was looking for. Definitely better for dancing while skating

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Been logging in lots of miles on this drivetrain. No issues, tons of speed and torque. No issues with the POM either. Haven’t had any worries about the grease for a while now. No leaks. Ive also found the right set of weights to balance my bergmeisters. Im only testing these but im asking marcmt if i could just purchase it after he is finished with inspecting. Im giving belts one more try but so far, Im in love with the gear drive


Nice vid brother.
How are your gears holding up!?

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They held up great gave em back to Janux and have been using fatboy drives since then. Janux offer more customization but both preform pretty similar


Nice. I’ll be installing some on my board within the next few days

They sound pretty nice!!

I loved those gear drives, and the sound was amazing. Enjoy!

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Thanks for feedback brother :+1:t3:

Are they helical?

no, they are straight cut

Looking to pick up a set of the gear drive for the TB cnc. Hopefully he have it soon or else I will probably spend this stimulus check on something else.