JABB (Just another Bro Build)

I started this build in Oct of last year (Previous thread E-MTB - DWII | Boardnamics M1-AT 6384 Drivetrain | Stormcore) and finally finished it up this last week!
The only major changes to the original plan was changing out the MBS DWII deck for one of the new Bro decks. This was my 1st build so I wanted to make it as simple as possible and aside from struggling a bit to get the BN AT drives on the Matrix trucks it really was pretty straightforward getting everything wired/soldered/bolted in. Ran autodetect, configured the puck and took it out for a few test runs and so far so good. It’s been raining since so I haven’t spent a lot of time riding it and tweaking it yet but I’m more than happy with the results so far. I haven’t really been on an electric board since I sold my Meepo city rider a couple of years ago so other than a regular skateboard I dont have much of a reference so needless to say it feels crazy powerful. I’m getting used to the bindings but in the 8 miles or so I’ve ridden around the neighborhood and some walking trails I’m sold on them based on the the amount of times I didnt have to get off my board to get over curbs and ledges or broken parts of sidewalks compared to my riding buddy. I love being able to hop around on it to position it or bump over an obstacle.
I’m now trying to figure out if there is anything I need to change from the settings configured via autodetect as well as do a few more things to the board as far as cable management. I’m also trying to get my 3Dprinter sorted out, (it prints great with PLA but i’ve never had luck with PETG) so I can print a better enclosure.
Thanks to @Andy87 and @Rich for the original inspiration 2 years ago, seeing them hit jumps is what made me want to build one!



Im digging the clear enclosure, nice build :clap:


a new esk8 meta of clear enclosures would be AWESOME, just like computer cases with glass side pannels. We get to show off our battery work, cable management, and sexy components. Most escs look awesome, but you don’t end up seeing them.


Amen dude, I’m glad you’re loving the build. Feel free to ask any settings questions if you’re curious. Most of us are happy to help :call_me_hand:


Nice work, it looks great! I really like the clear esc enclosure, what is it?

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Thanks all! It’s a Pelican 1050 case I got from REI.

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Sweet! I like the minimal griptape approach :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

On the pictures it looks like you got the top part of the bindings wrong thou.
If it works for you that’s fine, nothing wrong with it, but that’s the way they should be installed:

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Yeah I dig the clear enclosure for the escs, you got a reference for it ?

Its actually a 1040 model, not a 1050 like i said above.

:+1: thansk, it wasn’t intentional :slight_smile:

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Yeah I would love someone to look over my settings and see if they look correct. I tried to arrange them in a few groups:

Here are the inputs I put into VescTool when running detection, I included a screenshot of the card @TheRef sent with the battery.

Here are the voltage/current results after detection

Here are the remote settings. What I was hoping to achieve was smoothing out the initial start but havent been able to really test. I would really like to figure out how the profiles in Vesctool works as ideally I would like to have a way to have different profiles with different max power settings, so I could pin the throttle on the remote but the motors only get to half throttle if that makes sense.

Looks good to me so far. You could increase the positive throttle ramping time if you want the acceleration to be more smooth.

Try making a few profiles and test what feels best for you.

Also if you are using the puck it has 3 different ramping modes.