It's that time of the year.. all-out £5000+ 4wd build

After careful consideration of just buying a lacroix, i realised that i both don’t need the range and i want to screech some tyres on a board that costs as much as my car.

Now, on to the nasty:

  • Where the hell do i get a lacroix deck with enclosure and hypertrucks? I assume writing a nice email won’t unlock their parts bin anytime soon.

  • What new and ultra reliable remotes are there?

  • bms that just works with vesc?

  • new straight cut gearboxes? Or should i spoil myself on some finalities from 3dservisas?

  • lights! Me wants stop lights that turn on when i brake, needs to communicate with vesc

  • bulletproof esc? Tending towards vesc6 or stormcore 100d

  • battery makers in uk or that ship to uk?

  • finally, for now, does anyone else beyond flipshit make any half decent 63100 motors?


don’t you dare talk badly of flipshit


Three quarters of my past parts bin was their broken shit. Theseus’s esk8 and all that, every time a flipshit part broke, replaced with anything better quality and it lasted forever


Skyart sells those reacher tech 6485 (I think) they are solid and should last a lifetime


Not sure which Lacroix deck you’re into but I own a @tomiboi Honey Badger which is similar to the Protipo iirc and I love it. Solid platorm and available w a ds enclosure. I’d take a good look at his offerings before making concessions trying to obtain Lacroix. My $0.02


Give me a shout if you have any questions about my decks. I have a few that might work out for you.


What voltage are you going for, Ennoid BMS work with VESC.

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Need 63100 or bigger, possibly into 70xxx territory too, depending on gearbox clearances

I’ve seen bike lights that use an accelerometer to brighten when you hit the brakes.

Does anyone make something similar for esk8?


It is close to what i want, but… i specifically want the compartments in the enclosure for the flex. Also official grip design is pretty nice and i know i’ll never be able to copy that

18S and 10+ amps

Definitely an option! Just don’t know how i’ll fix those scratches. I’ll consider it if there’s no other way to get one

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Used them, from multiple vendors at various price points. 100% of the time they did nothing useful once i start moving. Too many vibrations even on 9 inch wheels. Also don’t want batteries to charge. One (remote) becomes 5 in no time

Go w the 41" then :call_me_hand:


@Skyart sells reacher 7490 motors which look/sound pretty nice

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And some controllers to go along with em!

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Just email them

Why? Vesc can’t even work with itself, why you want it to compromise your battery too?

Easy option would be Spintend

@ApexBoards or @Rad


Writing an email can certainly get you just parts from them. I wrote them about just a deck a few months ago and they responded. The price was more than i wanted but they seemed willing to play ball email never hurts.

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I nearly wet myself. That is exactly what i want, times 4.

Nothing like having just the motors weigh more than a boosted board

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I’ll do just that.

About the bms, because i want to be able to keep an eye on it from just one app, and the vescs to quit drawing power if something gets bad. I’m well versed in the vesc tool, can’t say i found something truly fucked up with no workaround yet. Chinesium apps on the other hand…

Spitend would require their remote i think. Haven’t checked in quite a while what they’re up to.

@ApexBoards still doing custom batteries?

How much?

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