Issues with motor detection in VESC Tool, ESC Powers Off

I have been having issues with 2 separate VESC’s, with the exact same symptoms.

I have a Flipsky V1 75100 and a Spintend Single, both of which are having the same issue.

Both have been used in other builds and worked up until now. I have tried with the current motor, as well as a separate 6354 with works with a different VESC.

They both connect to the VESC tool and can read and write app and motor changes. I am on Firmware 5.2 in Vesc Tool 3.00.

The issue arises when I try to detect a motor. I am trying to run a single Flipsky 6384 on a 6s 18650 pack, both leftovers from other builds. I have the motor setting with 60A Motor, 20A Battery, and 100A Absolute Max. Battery cutoffs are 18.3V. The battery is charged.

Everything works fine until I run the Motor Setup Wizard or run Motor Detection in the FOC setting. Either Vesc will turn off power at the same point in the detection. I have to reset and reconnect at that point.

I have inspected both boards and there are no burns or visible shorts.

What is my next step in troubleshooting?

Switch the motor for a different one. Test the motor windings for shorts. Check if the sensors are still ok. Seems like the problem is the motor.

I have tried with a separate motor, and that motor works with a different VESC. Same issues

Set this as high as the firmware allows for your specific ESC

It sounds like maybe battery sag / battery issues

Try the exact same procedure on another battery. If you don’t have another battery, try it on a 12V car battery or turn down Battery Max to like 5A and see what happens

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Just tried it with my big 13s7p ebike battery with the same result. I also tried the big battery connected to another motor that I am sure works with other controllers.

I’ll probably end up mailing it back to China, Spintend said it might be a blown Mosfet. I just want to use all other avenues before taking that slow route.

hello friends. I had almost the same problem, only I use besc g2.
at the beginning, when I set full power in the forest, after 3 seconds I heard a pop and the controller turned off. opening it, I found a broken key on the 12 volt power line. at this time, in order to stay on track while this part of the circuit arrives for replacement, I connected my 12 volt power supply. but found a problem, the motor began to behave incorrectly and wedge. I decided to run autodetect, but he told me that I had a sensor error. Going into the manual settings of the motor, I was still able to start it. by the way, everything is in order with the hall sensors, they were also correctly detected. noticed that the inductance of the motor has increased by almost 2 times in comparison with previous measurements was 50uH, became 120uH, and the resistance from 40 mΩ to 47 mΩ. But here’s the thing, now the motor is about 60-95% of the throttle travel behaves very strangely. making uncharacteristic noises, and like phase failures. If you turn off the speed limits or set it higher than the maximum engine speed, these noises become less, but still remain (( I noticed that after the firmware on 5.3 I forgot to turn off the phase filter … but already for a couple of months I drove in this mode to the death of the 12 volt line. The motor works just as bad with and without hall sensors. can anyone tell me where to look for the cause of the trouble?

There are some photos from Vesc Tools and a video with the sound of it working. And also it was noticed that at this moment, when this bug is going on, the throttle indicator flashes. By thePreformatted text way, if the speed limit is very small, for example 5-10 km / h, then the motor practically does not rotate, but only beats in convulsions of this bug

I use a large direct drive motor wheel power 2000 watts