Is there a way to quickswitch speed limits using your remote like on prebuild boards?

Hello, as some of you might know about the new French law that was passed a few days ago concerning electric mobility vehicles.
There are a whole ton of shit on it and there is particularly one part where it is the most severe:
Badly translated:" Using a constructed electric mobility vehicle not limited at 25kph by default"

I was wondering “if” there would be a quickswitch or something like this to be able to change speed limits quickly and unnoticed?

I have a flipsky vx1, but the problem with the speed modes is that it doesn’t affect the speed, but only the acceleration. I wonder if there is any way to change that stuff?

I guess you can makes profiles on your phone? Apparently for the app I currently use (xmatic) to change any speeds by liming the erpm, I need to write the settings once, on my main vesc, and write it again on my slave side (using can bus fwd). I don’t think if we ever get arrested by cops, they will ever allow us to pull out our phones… so I was trying to figure out if there would be a “quicker way”

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If you have the remote set to duty cycle instead of current control, the VX1 speed modes limit to 50%, 70% and 100% by default. You can adjust the throttle curve to move those around.

The catch is it will default to 0 ERPM when the throttle is released so it will kick you off, you can try to play with the acceleration and deceleration times so it doesn’t kill you

Alternatively you can have really high resistance and low max amps so there isn’t enough power to go above 25km/h on the low current mode

If you have the ESC connected to a METR Pro and a phone connected to it, you can apply a speed (ERPM) limit. It will apply if the board is just sitting there but I’m not sure I’d trust it to apply while moving


You mean a way to do it without writing code? :smirk:

Does the VX1 have multiple channels?


Are those 50%, 70%, 100% parts programmable by the user? Does it work with an uart connection? or only PPM would work to program those things.

I have no idea how to write codes :cold_sweat:
And I don’t know abut the multi channel stuff either sorry.

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It’s a product of the VX1 design, the green/orange/red modes are returning a PWM signal and if you look at the PWM input on the ESC via the VESC Tool it will read approximately those numbers

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It’s actually PWM



why not just buy a hobbywing ESC at this point?
It comes with the remote that has the speed + accel settings you want.

Still kinda surprised VESC is still behind in this area. Would it be difficult to add that feature in the next firmware update?

Alright Ill bite

Fight me

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I don’t know if there is any hobbywing ESC doing what the vesc does in term of performance, ease of use and reliability? I don’t think they sell their skateboard ESC openly, and there is no way for me to do any kind of setup on it. I have two beefy 6374 motors and I haven’t seen much hobbywing esc do that.
Then the higher performance ESC from them are huge, not the best option for a skateboard.

I think the easiest way would be to set the vescs with the metr to a 25kmh top speed, and before riding switching to a custom “fast” mode, like your normal mode and if hardly ever cops catch you (i don’t really think it’s gonna happened), you reboot in a discrete (or not) way the board, and the board would be set again for a 25kmh top speed.


I think it keeps the setting when you use a METR and restart the board

Oh yes you’re right.
So if cops catch you, you’ve to take your phone and change the mode to a “legal” one. Take 10sec so not a big problem imo.
Curious to have other’s idea