Is it possible to get telemetry on my VX4 AND Davega at the same time?

Would like to connect my new VX4 in the combo PPM/UART configuration to my Unity but I have a Davega installed at the UART port already. Since the VX4 when connected via the PPM/UART connection scheme only uses the RX and TX wire on the UART plug and does so for telemetry only, can I piggy back onto the Davega RX and TX wire? My reason for wanting both displays active is because sometimes glare makes the Davega screen hard to pick up.

You cannot. The unity actually has an addtl uart port hidden where the BT module is, and you can tap into that with new firmware. There’s a thread about that somewhere.

You can also get a hardware device like a usplit.

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I’ve done this exact thing, but you need a uSplit to get it done

Thanks for the replies. I just ordered a usplit. I hope their realtime inventory is either correct or pessimistic since it said there was only one in stock.

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