Is anyone using Smart Reverse on VESC FW 5.02?

Is it stable or are there any known issues atm?


I use it and it’s great!


Any custom config or just the defaults?

I use, no issues. Sensored part feels a bit different from 5.01 but that goes both ways

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You will want to decrease ramp up time from 3s to half or just over half


I set the max duty cycle to 15% and the ramp time to 5 but its mostly preference on speed and acceleration.

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How do you stop on a hill? :joy:

It either wants to roll backwards or roll forwards

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Don’t accelerate :metal:

Joking aside, to keep the position on a hill just push the throttle a bit forward (accelerate) and keep the throttle position. When riding downhill smart reverse helps doing the same. After braking hold the brakes and find the right level between 1% and 100% dependent on the incline. Without smart reverse this is not possible.

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Sorry - I meant more how do you stop downhill.
I used to do this pretty easily with the remote in current mode but I can’t get it to work with smart reverse?
It either wants to give me enough power to go backwards or not enough power so I roll forwards.

Do you use the default smart reverse ramp time (3s)?
I set mine to 1 second.

I set it to 5 as per Joey’s suggestion.
Will give 1s a go.

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5 seconds ramp time means that it takes 5 seconds from standstill until the motor spins at your set smart reverse max duty cycle, it increases gradually. So if you want to stop downhill then a shorter ramp time like 1s definitely helps. Just keep in mind that with a short ramp time you instantly ride reverse after braking to a full stop.

I found an old post which I wrote in 2019 and totally forgot that I made a video. Copy paste, here we go, :

Smart reverse (tested with FW 3.62)

It works like a charm when braking downhill because you can completely stop and hold position even on steep hills (and reverse slowly if needed). That’s a big improvement especially for mountainboards.

Downside IMO is the behaviour of the reverse. It goes in reverse on 100% brake like an on/off button with a certain ramp time (but not for switching off). If you decrease the standard 7% max duty cycle to e.g. 30% or 50% then it’s very rough when letting go the throttle. That’s why I went back to 7% but then there is another problem. When you ride in reverse on smooth concrete or/and a slight slope and exceed the 7% max duty cycle (which is snake speed) the motors start to knock badly.

A bit off-topic here but maybe interesting…

Current Hyst Reverse with Brake (tested with FW 3.58)

I like it a lot but

Vesc6: If you set a max reverse speed (by limiting negative ERPM) and roll in reverse faster than the set limit (e.g. downhill) you are screwed because the brake (throttle forward) doesn’t react but shortly before hitting 100% throttle the brake locks up.
I found out that limiting negative ERPM is not necessary because in reverse the power is very limited, even full throttle backward means smooth rolling. On concrete it takes a long time to reach mid speed, off-road snake speed only and not enough power.

My other board has V4.12 and I’m also using the “Current Hyst Reverse with Brake” mode like on the board with Vesc6. The behaviour of the reverse power is very different, there is no limited power. After hitting the brake the second time it shoots backward with the same power as forward. How come? I randomly do unintended reverse burnouts or unintended reverse drag race action on concrete, funny but dangerous.

I guess the mode should behave in reverse like described with Vesc6. With V4 it’s like current mode with double tap for reverse which is also very nice. Would be great to choose between these modes and set ramp times.


I still use Current mode and do similarly on hills. Once familiar with the travel of the throttle, stopping and staying stopped on an incline is pretty easy.

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You are right, I meant compared to “current no reverse with brake” mode which I think the majority used before smart reverse appeared.

Current mode is sick :sunglasses: