Introduction with build pics

Been a lurker for a while but using information from the site for inspiration in my own build. Let me know what you think about my build. I wanted to build something that was not a traditional looking longboard. It has 1/4 inch concave which may be difficult to see from the pics. It’s not my first build but first composite.


I think that looks cool as hell! What’s underneath? Integrated? Enclosure? Drivetrain?
Also welcome!
Edit: I see from the pics most my questions were answered. Cool build man. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome lurker :joy: :hugs:
This looks interesting…mhhh…ok…mhhh
Never seen something like that before.

Top speed 88mph? :joy:

Looks awesome bro

Thanks! Basically the board is designed around the battery. All the components are top loaded. First time using hub motors. I like them a lot so far. Quiet and seem to have decent torque. Plus, I like how clean they look.

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