Interest Focbox Unity group buy?

Just wondering how many people would be interested in a Focbox Unity group buy. Save $100 on every unit after 2x purchased.

Buying multiple would also qualify for free shipping from Enertion -> Me (or whoever may host it due to my low non-existant trust)

"Buy 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 Unities and only pay $199/pc!

Limited time offer only. Qualifies for free shipping!" - Enertion

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So the Easter Sale Part 2?


@ZachTetra I wasn’t around for the easter sale so I never got the discount :stuck_out_tongue:

@anon54720240 IDK… Depends. I’m willing to wait a few months to save $100 lol

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or, hear me out, buy a cheap flipsky dual vesc 6 and not worry about random braking that might happen.

i have ran one in 12s foc with massive 190kv motors and not had a single issue since i got it nearly a year ago.


I thought I was special for getting the Unity at $200 shipped months before the sale…now I feel cheated


wrong forum imo hahahahaha


The unity won’t go above 199, it’s a group buy item and I dont mean this in a flamitiry way. Enertion clearly just dont have the funds to stock shelves at the moment. That’s life :man_shrugging:

If you don’t mind issues and a minimum of a 6 month wait, go for it.

Vesc 6’s for me now (I have 3 unities)


This thing right?

Sorry I don’t know much about ESC’s/VESC’s/FSESC’s or whatever that all mean lol

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Yes, thats it

Yeah, flipsky 6.6 single has been working great for me.

the thing is $250 :’(

thats an incredible price for a dual vesc 6.6 stable at 12s foc.

it has 100a output… that is incredible for a cheap device.

the unity is $300 plus shipping and has reliability issues and not nearly 100a output. 2 years ago a vesc 4.12 was $120 now, a dual vesc 6 which is much better is twice that but controls 2 motors. vescs are not going to be cheap. a diy board can easily cost as much as a prebuilt like a boosted, but diy is more enjoyable and often has alot more power

I have bad feeling for enertion. Once that forum dies and they loose thousands of dollars worth of free advertisement, wouldn’t surprise me if the company goes under. I suspect we will see Jason go into the scooter market within 2 years.

Unity is not going above $200 dude. It’s a group buy item.

With that said, you are right above the dual 6.6 buy.

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shirley you mean crowd funded :slight_smile:

It’s not in development though now, although I don’t mind what title we use :stuck_out_tongue:

Jamo gathers money to fund the next production run, they are one step behind on funds each time. Must be frustrating.

in case jeff decides to delete or alter his post.

Pretty easy to explain, imagine you are a small business with very little capital, you create a product that has high demand and a 1000 people pre-order it. You go and hand that money over to the factory. For whatever reason there are delays and half of your customers decide they want 100% of their money back because there’s no real penalty on their side. Now you are trying to pay the factory to get the pre-orders, pay your employees who are doing cutomer service, designing new products, etc. etc. Your business is now bankrupt. Now nobody gets anything.