Independent motor parameters on FOCBOX unity

Hello all,

Is there a firmware and tool available for the unity that allows for individual motor parameters? The current focboxUI and focboxtool allow for partially different parameters. However, it does not have separate motor currents. Which is crucial for motors of different sizes…

If anyone as experience with this any insight would be greatly appreciated. If not off to the source code I go…


how different are the two motor? got some spec? in theory, different physical motor size don’t really need different parameters, unless u have hugely different kv value also

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Ditch the focbox fw and update to vesc 5.2

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Use the variESC Tool or VESC Tool. Version 5.2 is recommended.

It will treat them as two single ESCs connected by CANBUS, so program them that way as two singles.

Thanks for all the replies! Guess I will look into the actual Vesc tool…

The motors are very different. One is a 6374, while the other is a Scooter 9" hub motor of unknown origin. It does work, just would benefit from some tuning as the 6374 is running a bit hot.

I noticed it picked up on the can bus when I initially booted up the vesc tool.

wow, that’s a big difference. good luck trying to get it working


I recommend version 5.2 and not the beta trial of 5.3

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Thanks for the insight guys. that worked great.

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I’m using 5.3 on a xenith for a while now and so far no issues at all.

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I know someone who jumped off a bridge a while ago and they had no issues at all. Therefore, bridge jumping is safe. :rofl:

I know what you mean though :crazy_face:

5.3 still in beta? Damn. I upgraded to 5.3 but didn’t know it was beta. Did this about a week ago. Should I downgrade to 5.2?

Not if it’s working fine for you now

No it is not. Some people just had some issues and it got blown a bit out of proportions imo.


As of a couple days ago it was still in beta.

Not sure if that changed recently

5.3 has been full release for like 2 months…


Ive got nearly 500mi on the full release of 5.3 without any hiccups. Taken it to 87% duty with a limit start set at 90%