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In YoFace: Light, flat electronics pack for street deck, 8s or 10s lipo, 2x mini foc esc, neohub motors

Previous project is almost done so I started to collect new equipment for a new idea I had when watching the Braille skateboarding BustinxDualomo YoFace hybrid video.
I want to build an as light and flat as possible pack for attaching temporarily to the YoFace 35.
My plan is to use 8 (or more, lets see, I have some extra) 5Ah single Lipos from Hobbyking and two MakerX mini foc ESCs to power landwheel and/or mellow hubs. I want the YoFace as a regular deck but also want to try a electric powered street deck for skateparks so I try to combine both with this transformer kit. I already have a really satisfying (perfect for me) short board (Grünstern) with hummies and an almost finished AT capable 4wd build with 6 inch wheels (Blutstern) so this third build might fulfill what is left to wish for electric skateboarding :smiley:
edit: I just found @longhairedboy had one ages ago :smiley: Strange that I didn’t find this thread when I was doing similar stuff with my first builds :smiley:


As with all of your cool stuff, watching.

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Yeah this is gonna turn out really cool.


I hope so :slight_smile: worst case is that I’ll sell the kit to someone not capable of diy :slight_smile: The deck will arrive on monday, Bustin shipped really fast via UPS. Got some mini-logo 8.75 inch trucks with black 66mm wheels for cruising the first time since I started with electric skateboarding almost two years ago :slight_smile:

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I just realized that for optimal weight distribution the whole thing has to be balanced as much as possible, so shape might be accordingly. The weight of the hubs on one side needs to be balanced out on nose side :). Btw, I started late with skateboarding so my skills are limited. I can do only do nollie pop shoveits, even simple ollies never really came out clean. My foot always wants to give the deck a spin, thats why I did a shove-it first :smiley: But I can do this trick everywhere I wanted to, even to boardslide or over kickers. Since I was old already I had not enough patience to learn more but I loved to shred a skatepark :slight_smile: Thats the goal for this expansion pack, I still have to be able to do my ONE trick :rofl:
and maybe I’m now old enough that I have patience again :smiley:


You might wanna use the lightest deck in the world according to fabi

Ähhhhm, No :smiley: I need a tough, big streetdeck with wheelwells :smiley: Bustin claims that the deck has multiple fiber layers, even reinforced truck areas for extra strength. So its perfect for what I want to achieve. And of course for Nollie pop shoveits :smiley:
Battery and hubs are by far the heaviest components here :slight_smile:


ok, so it sounds like an improvement of the current YoFace they’re selling… this could be a real winner!


Great deck choice imo and your plan is completely different to your other great builds, but in some kind a step back to the roots while remembering your first “Stealth build”.
Will you choose the enclosure prepared version of the Yoface or the standard one?
Edit: ahh ja the regular one :joy:
…ich hab nochmal hoch gescrollt :joy:


Its definitely something different :slight_smile: You can see and feel the love for detail, nice work @bustin boards :slight_smile:

Trucks and wheels will arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:


Bustin is kinda looking promising lately.

Is there any feedback on their production esk8 boards?

TBH the YoFace prebuilt looks like a ton of fun, speaking as a gigantic man who generally loves gigantic boards but spent an hour gleefully riding a Boosted Mini in a parking lot recently.


Okp says it’s a good board (speaking of Dualomo) but don’t know personally, haven’t tried it yet. Check his IG if you want feedback and videos.

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BTW- I can ollie my dual Rallycat, too and the kids like it.
There is a serious amount of interest for smaller lighter boards than we think there is. I totally enjoy to have the oppurtunity to switch between those bc a quick run to the bakery can easily be done with a small deck and a small battery.
The very very most important point every brand misses on those small boards is that there must be a chance to change battery packs on the run. In your case a very big plus bc you will do replaceable battery pack if my reading and undersatnding is correct.

Lol yeah no shit
Wait. …
What thread is this? Where am i?

*edit oh crap this is a build thread
Shame on me. Sorry :grin:


these are 66mm wheels :sweat_smile:


I just paid my neoHubs. They seem perfect for the project since I can easily attach them to my tkp trucks :slight_smile: for regular wheels I got 85mm caguamas.


I love this combo, just had to use 1 1/4 inch risers to get rid of the wheelbite, rolls great :star_struck: this wheel-size is the same as it will be when motorized, the look is not too much, still looks like a street deck :slight_smile: I’ll try to dye them green, when the results are not good I try again with black :slight_smile:


It worked, super dark green it is.