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In search of used Baja board !!

anyone have a Baja they wanna sell???!!

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Your location would help

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In the United States!


I saw you had one for sale

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Yeah my best advice to you would be to do a lot of research before you commit to buying a Baja.


Where are you not happy with yours?

I used mine to ride offroad. It fell apart. Over and over and over again.

They use cheap components and a pretty terrible design for off road riding.

If you wanna ride it on the road or the footpath, then it will probably be fine.


I would like to find one used and try it out I live in a lot of mountains so I want a mountain board already finished my DIY

Well, make sure you buy plenty of spare parts! Or learn how to make your own :+1: good luck


Thanks man!!!

Looks shitty
Super high on it’s wheels
Wheels look bad, not good for off-road and bumpy on nice pavement
remote looks very non ergonomic
and it’s 2000 bucks

Give me a kaly for that money

EDIT : I forgot, it’s fucking hub motors
Those guys are not experienced esk8-ers


I agree with all of that.

But at least these folks have helmets in their marketing materials.

That’s a step up from the usual trash.

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Yep I ride with a guy who had a Baja nothing but mechanical issues now rides a diy tramps.

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