iLogger - Updates / Support / Dev [Serious]

Yes it’s updated to the latest version 1.3.4

On 1.3.4 it is still the way I described it

Hmm, seemed to be when I used it. SD card couldn’t be tapped on without pressing play

Yeah I tried a ton of times believe me, viewing it in the app was last resort with the existing interface

Idk if I can send you logs or what, how do I do that?


Yes please, send me the debug log from the app once you reproduce the above.


How though? The send button in the app doesn’t do anything

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You mean the send button form this screen? Normally it should open a pre-filled email. Maybe you don’t have an email app setup on your phone?

Yeah that one, I have three email apps on my phone haha it works fine everywhere except here

Hmm that’s weird. Im about to update the app and will update all it’s packages to latest versions since the iOS version expired as well. I will let you know once everything is pushed.

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