iLogger - Updates / Support / Dev [Serious]

Yes it’s updated to the latest version 1.3.4

On 1.3.4 it is still the way I described it

Hmm, seemed to be when I used it. SD card couldn’t be tapped on without pressing play

Yeah I tried a ton of times believe me, viewing it in the app was last resort with the existing interface

Idk if I can send you logs or what, how do I do that?


Yes please, send me the debug log from the app once you reproduce the above.


How though? The send button in the app doesn’t do anything

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You mean the send button form this screen? Normally it should open a pre-filled email. Maybe you don’t have an email app setup on your phone?

Yeah that one, I have three email apps on my phone haha it works fine everywhere except here

Hmm that’s weird. Im about to update the app and will update all it’s packages to latest versions since the iOS version expired as well. I will let you know once everything is pushed.

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I was having some pretty annoying connectivity issues with my freshly out of the box iLogger, but I was able to solve them. It required an update to its FW (got it from iLogger setup instructions page) and additionally it did not seem to like the 16 gig SD card I had used. When I took a 32 gig card, formatted to 8 gigs, it started working pretty smoothly. CAN data, SD mount, all ok.

However, I am still having some issues with GPS connectivity. iLogger is not detecting my GPS. I have it hooked up to the GPS port:

  • M9N TX → iLogger GPS RX
  • M9N RX → iLogger GPS TX

The GPS unit is set to output NMEA data at 9600 bauds. It is a 5v device → is iLogger 5v tolerant?

Any instructions on how to debug the GPS? It gets a fix. I can also see it outputting NMEA data @ 9600 when I check with an FTDI USB to serial adapter.

Hi, I’m glad you got the previous issues fixed. I was just reading your email. Did you have the bluetooth disconnect issue fixed?

No it is not. It is a 3.3v system. How are you powering up your GPS module? If your GPS pins are 5V it will damage ESP32 on iLogger.

Can you post the model of your GPS to look up its pinout?

Yep, bluetooth disconnect was fixed when I swapped the SD card to another one. I suppose the iLogger was freaking out when trying to mount / RW that 16 gig card. It was freshly formatted to FAT32, just like the new 32 gig card is (but only has a single 8 gig partition).

If your GPS pins directly connect to ESP32, then it should be 5v tolerant. The MRO M9N is a 5V powered device, so I hooked the power to CAN2 and UART to the iLogger GPS Port.

The GPS is this one. Pinout was not straightforward to get from mRobotics so I soldered the pins to the bottom side on pads that are labeled 5V, GND, GPS RX, GPS TX. My previous picture from RealTerm was read from the TX pin, so obviously my GPS side connection seems to be ok.

Thanks for the details. Actually that article is not that accurate, ESP32 pins are not tolerant to 5V, and if used, it would lead to unexpected behavior. So it is not recommended to use 5V input to it’s pins without at least proper protection like a resistor or a voltage divider. It might not damage it instantly, but it can lead to long-term degradation.

Now back to your GPS, I believe that it’s GPS RX and GPS TX pins are actually 3.3v. If you have a voltmeter, can you measure their voltage to ground pin? Even tho the module is powered by 5V, I think its regulated down to 3.3v before reaching the MCU.

Is that port on your Vesc?

My GPS TX has a Vpp of ~4.85v according to my scope. I just took the +5v and GND from the CAN2 port in the iLogger unit.

Interesting, try to power your GPS module using +3.3v/Gnd from the GPS port instead. See if it turns on.

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That appears to work for the GPS. It gets a fix as well, as indicated by the purple LED. Yellow wire is data from GPS unit (M9N TX).

Still no GPS detected on iLogger though.

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Did you power cycle iLogger after you connected GPS?

I did not hotplug it.

Edit: also tried a new power cycle now, still no GPS detected.

Can’t see anything obvious, Baud rate is correct at 9600, data bits is 8, no parity and stop bit is 1.

What if you swap Tx and Rx.

Tried it, makes no difference. Data should be received at iLogger on the pin that’s next to GND on the GPS port, right?

Yes that’s correct.

For this you used those GPS TX and GPS RX pins?

Yeah I probed from the iLogger JST connector solder pads. On the GPS RX pin in your pinout diagram. If you let me know what ESP pin it is, I can also probe that to verify data is going through.

However, I think if iLogger was my project, I’d probably look into debugging the SW side. Can you make a FW addition that allows the raw GPS data (UART) to be logged to SD?