I would need a favor from someone US based...

I’ve decided to make a small commuter board, but what I have figured out that most of the stuff I’d like to order is US based, and shipping it individually would be an expensive experience.

I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me by letting me order all the stuff I need to his/her place and then that nice person could ship it all to me in one package. I would pay for service if needed of course.

The things I would like to order/ship are:

Loaded Coyote deck
@eBoosted coyote enclosure
@RipTideSports bushings set
@Boardnamics 184mm trucks with motor mounts and adjustable baseplates
Kegel Caguama wheels
Glass frit



If you end up finding someone to help you out with this, I’d love to stick a deck and some trucks in that box if your up for it :slightly_smiling_face:.


Yutw is based in China btw


Oh, my bad then… I saw a price stated in $ so I’ve assumed US. I will edit it now.



I frequently use www.shipito.com for package forwarding. Free address in US and Europe.


Thanks I’ll give it a look.

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Wheels you should definitely be able to purchase in the EU (literally every esk8 or big longboarding e-shop has them).

The trucks already come with Riptide bushings I believe, but in either case, shipping was pretty cheap and I had no VAT or import tax added when I ordered.

And the deck is sold out on sickboards unfortunately. Maybe you could message them asking when it’ll be back in stock. Or maybe @eBoosted can get one for you along with the enclosure, in case he plans on buying some decks off Loaded in the near future.

I can send you some transparent glass frit if you fail to find it online :upside_down_face:

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I think @Murloc992 has used this shop before for glass frit https://www.warm-glass.co.uk/

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I can ship directly to China no need to ship it to USA first

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I am not in China. I am in Europe

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@Anubis stocks BN parts in the EU I believe


Sjipping to UE cost around USD 8 more than to USA

You got my attention

I’m US-based

PM me :wink:


I’m in California. I’m willing to help you out. Let me know.


Thanks guys, I’ll let you know once I have everything sorted out.

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Bring me some cheetos while we are at it xD