I found them, how do we make pulleys?


100 psi / 7 bar max pressure. hot damn.

I bet you could 3d print a pulley and adapter pretty easily.


It seems like these could fit on haggys?

They do look very similar

Damn time to friggin finish my drawings i promised @surfnacho like a week ago for final production. (Sorry im taking so long bro, super busy)

I am also a bit hesitant, dont know why :rofl: what if i fuk up shit.

These look like they would be able to fit the bergs/shooters/aliexpress rims.

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I actually have a box of these type of tires. I think somewhere.

But in the past they have been known not to last long.


6shooters unobtanium, bergs unobtanium, ali rims 1 in 20 is perfectly seated and centered, with the custom spacer inside the correct length, etc.
Also, these small wheels would stretch badly over such wide rims

Cheaper, maybe for just the tyre: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32880618577.html

Here’s a US shop selling just the tubes and tires. Wouldn’t be too hard to 3D print a rim with pulley mounting points. Could even make it kegal.

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Man if we could do kegel rims that would rock, cause i have a direct drive board that would love them. I however do not have a printer.

I’m cool with those, is there a pulley for them?

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Not really, but if it’s true that they fit berg rims, there have been people 3dprinting the hubs with great success out of nylon. Wouldn’t be too hard to design a half with the required number of teeth in an attached pulley, and make it narrower of course

@moon is your man for this task.

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I thought that 5x1 tires & rims were never a problem to find, it was 5x2 which wasn’t possible?



What did we “find” with this wheel then? OOTL

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My b. I just knew when i was looking for 5 inch pneumies i couldn’t find any. So when i saw these i was super excited.