I am searching VESC for my skateboard

Hello people, currently I am searching a VESC new or used for my skateboard, thanks

What kind of build do you have? You can buy a flipsky mini vesc on AliExpress for $46

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The more detail you give us, the better the help will be.


I have a dual vesc 6.6…:man_shrugging: No miles and like new… for 210 u pay ship… I’m in the US


Like Zach said:


can u link this pls? couldn’t find it =/

Best price I could find for legit 4.12 single:

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Don’t be afraid to offer ebay sellers for flipsky 4.12’s. There’s loads of them out there and generally they accept lower than listed offers.


My old Vesc was torqueboards I am searching one Vesc of similar specifications.

This is my old Vesc: https://diyelectricskateboard.com/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

@BillGordon, @ZachTetra Here my build: https://esk8builds.com/photo/view/?id=131

On the cheap end just look for a mini 4.12 on AliExpress, otherwise TB or Flipsky

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