Hypertrucks vs Hellcats. binding.

I got these hellcats hubs I was trying to use on my hypertrucks. but they are binding.
split in half each bearing fits on the axel no problem. together however they bind to the axel. This suggests the bearings are not seated our out of alignment.

How do I reseat/adjust these bearings? I see no way to get behind them and drive them out.

One of the four hubs fits on the axels without binding. the other three do not.
all of the hubs fit on MBS trucks without binding.

cc @Kaly


If I had to guess, the alignment is a tad bit scew.

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Fess, can you get a socket on the outer bearing race of the hub and attempt to drive the bearing completely square into the seat?

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Hypertrucks know wide wheels aren’t normal and they don’t like damn hellcats :man_shrugging:t2:


yeah I was thinking that… I don’t see any signs of space between the seat but it’s worth a try.

was also thinking to pull them out and clean the seat and reinstall. but… i don’t know how to get them out.


show me a pick of in the inner side of the hub, looking into the bearing…

I can get ALMOST any bearing out, whether you wanna re-use it is a horse of a different color


best response.


Mismatch the hubs maybe? There could be a configuration where they all happen to work

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the easiest method is to attempt to reseat the bearing square from the outside of the hub with a socket, the second easiest is to find an appropriate socket to the inner race and tippy tap on it from the inside… don’t go blacksmith on it… go gentle and rotate the bearing a 1/4 turn or so after every tippy-tap… it SHOULD start to come out…

if it doesn’t move, don’t fukkit up…

just lemme know if it seats from the outside, or becomes unseated when motivating it from the inside…

there are still plenty of options


Zach has a thought… try all hubs in all configurations… I’d still attempt to fully seat the bearing first in any case

Aww. Why didn’t you like my hateful response? :confused:

I was torn. the reason this fits on the MBS means less precise tolerance on the axels. we can still love the MBS over hypers though.


Yeah. You can tell tolerances are pretty tight with those hubs. But I’ve also seen people having binding issues with Hypertruck axles and Lacroix own 72t wheel pulley.


@Arzamenable dude help
Dis guy :eyes: you made it work if I recall :beers:


hmm. there’s some promise to this aproach. :smiley:

i found two outer hubs that work with all the inner hubs, and two inner hubs that work with all the outer hubs…

fkin puzzle though.

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Maybe there is a burr on those hubs? Hit all the edges with a file real quick and that might do something

mark them when you figure out the puzzle

How old is the Hypertrucks? On the initial batches we had a problem with the tolerances on the axle that needed a bit of sanding, this was done on our boards, but I’m not sure on just the trucks


This would also not be helped by the fact he used extremely axially rigid bearings allowing no self-alignment.

oh that’s also not helpful

I have a 12 ton press at the shop, compressed N2 that I can freeze a bearing, blind bearing, and center-pull bearing pullers…

and diamond tipped dremel cutting tools…

when you race stuffs with bearings, you have to figger how to get the fukkers outta there


idk? I got it used. old.

but… the bearings slide onto all the axels individually. it’s only when paired through the hub to the other bearing that the binding is happening. (see vid)

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