HuX FluX ElectroluX

No clue, I typically just left it at stock for those. You should reach out to them and ask.

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Nah. To late. I’ll update when I do.

Slow and easy ride through town. Some stops at red light so not a real stress test on the motors yet but the performance is great. Makes a big difference from the Flipskys. The extra Amps make the acceleration exhilarating :100::muscle: I put it at 120A motor and 70A battery.

Thanks for the help guys!


I have been working really hard on building a new patio and decided to take a day off. Charged both boards and took the Flux for a ride. About 10 minutes into the ride I lose power and something is definitely not working as it should.

I went home and switched to the EVO for a spin through town. At a red light four girls in a Volvo are messing around with me so the dragrace is on. Full throttle. We are head to head and im nearly at top speed when my rear wheels completely loses traction. I almost superman of the board but manages to let go of the accelerator and staying on the deck. Girls were laughing since they thought I lost. They had no idea what a win it was for me not crashing on a busy street.


Regarding the power loss on the Flux. I just tore down the gears. Cant find any problems with them. Everything looks kike it should and nothing has come lose.

No weird sounds from motors or gears.

Help me out what could it be then?

Here is the ride log if that helps

How are your pinions attached to your motor shafts? If just retaining compound, did you check if the pinion maybe broke loose? How did you get home after it lost power - did you limp it home in a low power state, reboot it and it worked fine after, etc?

Keyway and retaining compund. Nothing was lose when I checked them. I didn’t lose all power. It was like half or a third of the normal torque.

When assembled I got the power back but now something doesn’t sound right.

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Waited a couple of days, did nothing to the board . Charged it up and took it on a relaxed ride. Something magical must have happened because the noice was gone. Board was running great with the new 200mm wheels. So I decided to take her for a true test ride. Very windy conditions and lots of full throttle racing with cars.

Motors keept relatively cool even though I did 30km total and intense riding for the last 20km. Makes me very happy!


Was out riding yesterday when I saw a cop in the opposite lane. They usually just wave and smile but this one was a different breed. He looked very angry, screamed at me and pointed on the side of the road. I responded with a smile and signaled :v: from that on it was full throttle untill i could get in to a bicycle path which led me home. It was a long time since I had an interaction with the police but it was still fun :joy:


Oooh looks like I could squeeze 18s6p into that enclosure. :star_struck:


I definitely believe it’s possible but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to add new cells to an existing battery.

Why would I add new cells to a existing battery. I’m just saying I could build me a 18s flux

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I was talking about my board. You should definitely build an 18s Flux.

I believe you refered to my enclosure when you wrote that you could squeeze an 18s6p into that enclosure. But English is not my first language so I might be wrong.

Sorry. Miscommunication. I was meaning “I” could fit a 18s in your enclosure. I am really liking the look of the flux platform and I’m 6’4 so a big board is a plus. Love your build.

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I really like it, and there is lots of room in the enclosure. Only negative I can think of is that the deck is quite flat.