Hummie carbon and wood 40" deck 90$! we make almost no profit and you benefit

Ok. So 50 decks. What are we at? Not to be rude but that’s not really an answer. How many concrete orders are you at? I understand there is a number waiting for the indiegogo to cancel before ordering, but what is the time line for that as well?

I may buy 2, I may not. I have no clue what is going on anymore.

Edit: Concrete even if not soon most likely has me in.

Were at 8.
Buy two and can cut 15$ off the total shipping for USA , anywhere else take 20$ off per extra board. Just write the details on the form

The indigo ends in like 25 days

I think @hummieee was just saying he’s unclear in the future of the future and what the enclosures may evolve too.

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Was trying to say bens doing the boxes unless he doesn’t want to. As far as he’s told me he is. And see if others who have his box also felt they were overly stiff and see if we could get him to possibly make them more flexible.

I don’t see a point in making them flexible? Deck doesn’t flex so why should the enclosure?

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The deck does flex to some degree. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks box be better more flexy. Puts more stress on the inserts being stiff and imagine could be made maybe even stronger if flexy n less likely to crack n more so bend. But if no one else agrees…


If you don’t overtight the screws for inserters and make the enclosure screw holes a bit bigger so it can move in x/y I don’t see why it would stress the inserters.
I for one like to have a sturdy enclosure


Essentially making it loosely mounted to compensate. But it’s just my opinion. I like the feel of the deck bending alone. Better than the feel of kydex but still

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They could be made with less layers, I don’t think they would be strong enough around the mounting holes?
They could be made with a different cloth, or a mixture of cloths with thicker at the mounting points. They could also be vacuum infused. All these options would mean more expensive materials and more labour intensive=more expensive enclosures…


Ever tried with uni directional going perpendicular? Allowing flex in that long axis. I think u use Matt which is cheaper. Uni seems expensive. If u come up with a mix of materials the same cost but more flex in that Direction be down to try.

Composite perhaps? Just spitballing. I’m satisfied with gf

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Everything is possible. Everything carries a cost and time penalty!


we’re only at 19 orders on this.

if someone wants to get a bunch write me and can figure a cheaper cost.

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Hey are these decks still available to purchase? To my understanding you are located in NorCal, San Francisco area? If so I am local to SF and can pick up locally.

Great text me and I could bring it to u