Howcome hub motors don't break magnets?

My trials over breaking a magnet in my motor (drive pulley set-up) the last few days got me thinkin - why don’t hub motors get broken magnets considering the hefty hefty amounts of abuse they take compared to mounted/pulley system?? Are they different from the brushless ones we use for drive pulley? You’re literally riding on the motors and the only thing between you and the pavement is a thin layer of thane. I’ve taken my wowgo mini on gravel trails and done gravel burnouts and tail whips on that things and those hubs are fine. Lemme know what youguys think!

Probably cause w/e motor you busted a magnet in is open and not sealed like a hubmotor ^^

Not quite hub, but I did bust a magnet on my carvon dd’s because they’re so low to the ground.

Same haven’t had hubs break on me yet I’ve destroyed satellite motor

Arent hub motor magnets a lot closer together than outrunner magnets? Like I know ive seen some that the magnets have less than a 16th of an inch between them.

I would think, that being true, the closer the magnets are to each other the less chance they have of shifting. Less shifting, less breaking. Plus with most (I may be wrong) outrunners, they arent battled hardened to help keep the magnets seated.