How to repair this case?

So this case got cracked in the front from an accident. Id like to salvage it for a budget board I’m building.

So my thoughts are to first glue the crack with epoxy or liquid steel or something…

Unfortunately I cant remove the seal as I used really good glue…

Then on the inside maybe lay a sheet of fiberglass? And/or layer up the mat real thick where it meets the seal?

On the outside I guess same thing?? Either lay a full sheet over the entire case? Or could I half ass it and just wrap the front where the damage is?


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Put painters tape on the outside, brush on epoxy on the inside. After that has cured, brush on epoxy on the outside. Its looks like crap, but it works.

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Also attack the inside of it with a grinder or file to get good contact and clean it well. I think generosity on the inside and some fabric to boot wouldn’t hurt either