How to remove your Motor Can (easy af)

Hey guys. After my ESCapade the other day, I had to open my motors up to check for damage. I figured why not make a little guide in the meantime.

The method I used is super easy. No special equipment, no pinched fingers, no strain.

First, collect everything you’ll need.

1x motor
2x motor brackets
4x screws of appropriate length

step 1- remove the circlip

Make sure you also remove the shims(if any are present), and put them all in a safe place. Don’t lose them

step 2- attach the brackets

Attach them like you see here.

step 3- put it on the ground and push/pull

This requires little finesse. Place the motor on the ground with the shaft down, then place your feet on the brackets, push your toes in a little, and ta da! You can now easily pull the can off

step 4- victory

Celebrate. You reign victorious over the motor-people for another day. Bask in your success. Call for your wife, make sweet love. Youve done it. This is undoubtedly the best day of your life


Can you also do this while wearing men’s socks?

I kid. Nice idea/approach.


I do this:


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Pretty good at making nails bite proof. Ladies like it too. Unfortunately my finger nails peel in fucking layers - I’m about to go off the deep end and start covering them in thickened epoxy.

I dunno how that first link stuff works but it straight up penetrates and impregnated your entire nail. Can literally go into your nail bed and burn a bit lmao.

Might just make u strong enuff to take off motor can w/hands :star_struck:


Do they make something like it for ankles? :heart_eyes:


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definitely haven’t been saving that for anything…


Do this once a day. Works wonders.


Do people have tips / recommended tools for opening motors with support bearings, like Maytech 6880 and 6396? I wanted to conformal coat the sensors, but given that I don’t even know how to open it without damaging it, I might just leave it be, assuming water won’t know how to get in either :laughing:


If you use tools & it’s absolutely possible to do so, then you take away Skatan’s blood sacrifice.

It’s your choice reader but I wouldn’t advise it, you don’t want Skarma to come looking for you

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This method or a gear puller on screws, I’ve posted a pic or this recently, is the best method for motors with a support bearing. I’ve never had any issues getting normal cans apart by hand (even those with marred keyways) - but I don’t think the support bearing cans can be done purely by hand. Needs some external assistance.


Dug it out, in case others are interested.

The silicon fingers holding the can is just for it to not fall down, right? All I need is the pulley remover tool, I assume.


No, it’s because I needed another hand to keep the bolt centered because it didn’t have enough surface area to not walk off and I was too lazy to put something under it…

You could just use the motor mount method this post shows… Or screw a piece or scrap anything to the motor mount holes and pull. It’s not that hard, my hand was just still in a cast.


This is absolute gold. Thanks for the explanation I never had any idea how to do this. I was just thinking that I was an idiot because I couldn’t get the motor can off easily.

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Nice guide :100: :+1:

Inserting the can (while retaining fingers) is more difficult for me than removing it.

I found that the same procedure backwards worked very well for me, but ymmv