How To Connect 4 Single Vescs for 4WD

Hey guys

I currently have a 2wd DD 12s4p setup using 2 focboxs

I have a spare DD and a spare focbox with plenty of enclosure space so thought I might as well go 4wd.

Problem is I need some advice

Do I buy a fourth single 4xx esc
Am I better of buying 2 dual VESC

How do I best connect the 4 single VESCs if that is your recommended route.

I want the cheapest safe option.


Seriously, 2wd is the cheapest safe option :grin:

Whats the reason for 4wd other than because you can? I’m not criticizing your plan, just seeing if its needed. If you just want extra zoom then that’s fine but if it’s currently working you might as well build another board and have less complexity.


I have the Elofty pneumatic wheel adapters on there way and figured 4wd was the way to go.

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Same thing I want to know. How to connect 4 vesc over CAN


If you are using singles then can between each pair and split ppm between the 2 drives.

Make sense?

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Don’t you just connect all CANH in parallel as well as all CANL?

Simpler would be to only have front and rear pairs connected and to use 2 receivers.

It’s not necessarily the best. You can’t drift/slide for example. And it’s a lot heavier.

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I don’t know. That sounds the most logic in my head but I killed the first time using CAN those chips and that was only with 2 vesc.

I am running CAN fine on my trampa :slight_smile:


@Duffman @Benjo
Proof me wrong.:smiley:
Drifting with a Baja is easy. @glyphiks


This is how 4 fuckboxs are wired. M = master S = slave
you HAVE TO make sure that you power all the esc’s on at the same time


The ESC I’ve used with CAN before have had separate in/out

All parallel could be the configuration tho. I bet it’s in vedder’s documentation somewhere obvious.

Ok, but in general it is a lot harder I would say :joy:

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I hope it’s enough space for extra battery. 4p with 4wd is wasted money on the extra esc in my opinion.
About wiring the escs up, you have 3 options
All parallel via CAN bus
Dual receiver paired to one remote
Y- split cable to the receiver


What are you smoking dude?

Ever watched rally cars? 4wd was made for drifting :rofl: so much easier than 2wd.


This is what scares me the most about canbus. I’ve read that many people have poofed their focboxes trying to run canbus. YMMV


I strongly disagree here. I know that “drifting” with 4wd is possible and is normal in todays rallye sport. But 4wd was never made for it and in certain communities you would be laughed at calling it drifting at all, it should be called sliding. Real drifting is always rwd only. That’s how it was the majority of the time in rallye sport and that’s why you often find 40/60 or variable setups in sporty 4wd cars.

For eMTBs I would imagine 4wd sliding to be more difficult and to require a shitload of torque to work at all. But I could be wrong.


You are way wrong dude. Far easier to pull off a controlled slide on a 4wd board. The front wheels keep you on track while the back wheels get loose.

Kinda like a mullet. Party at the back, business at the front.


Ok, I will try that sometime for sure :grin:


the mullet or the sliding?
i think the mullet is making a strong comeback


You do not need to be scared of it if you have the right esc.
Vesc6 based escs shouldn’t have any issues with it anymore. The trampa vesc6 doesn’t have issues with it for sure and focbox hw1.7 as well doesn’t have.

If you have cheap hw4.12 escs than yes that’s something you should take care off.

This. A loop key is an easy solution to the power button problem.

I was a long proponent of split ppm. But it’s a bitch to adjust vesc settings bc you have to communicate with two masters. But you can’t disable throttle input to one set when setting up ppm settings on the other bc they are linked. (The whole “cut the red wire” issues).

Two receivers has the benefit of being able to unplug one receiver And program the other set and, dare I say … redundancy :wink:. But then you also have to check two failsafes and you are limited to remotes that can use multiple receivers.

Canbus for 4 escs is pretty damn easy. I kick myself for not switching earlier. Both in wiring and programming.

TLDR: use canbus, use a loopkey. @mackann does it. Psychotiller Does it. I did it twice.