How much do you sag?

So 5v would be acceptable for 20amp draw per cell, in a 4p case that means a full 80a draw should see 5v if I read your post correctly

@dareno man I get inspired by my own videos to go out and shred :laughing:

The 30Ts are amazing, 120A of discharge feels like a sports car, my 12s5p made of 30Q feel like a koowheel now


Going in my evo as an upgrade. 12s 5p. 12s3p for a secret downhill project. Don’t tell anyone.

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30q sag usually 0.5V per cell at 20A

To read that graph correctly are we comparing the starting point of the colored lines? Looks like the voltage at 20a is 3.77? What about that steep curve right after the start?

They all start at 4.2, but as soon as you apply load that drops off really quickly no matter the current. The higher the load, the farther and faster it drops. You can see the blue line starts to show at 3.77 or so, so that’s 0.43v lower than 4.2.

0.43v per cell times 10s pack equals 4.3v total sag.

I see what you are trying to do.

You are trying to compare the sag between the 30Q and your cells to see if they are comparable. In order to do this you will need to maje the exact same test than Mooch, or use a Bluetooth module to datalog current vs sag, on the other hand mooch test is done under constant current discharge not pulse like we use on esk8s

I ride an Evolve GT. That thing sags like it’s a thugs pants in downtown LA.


Nonsense. My friend’s Bamboo GT with a 10s8p 30Q has very little sag :wink:


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I will flag you if you ask nicely?


Not comparing my cells, no point there, actually looking at moochs graphs for the 30t and 40t and configurations on the esk8 calculator.

The best way to avoid/lower sag is to go 12s :slight_smile:

Interesting. I don’t know much about 12 vs 10 other than more volts which equates to less current required and better performance.

Can you give me a quick blurb on why a 12s would sag less than 10 assuming all other things are equal (battery, p-group, etc.). Thanks

How much do you sag?

My sag level is: none


I guess its none too for me, or an invisible sagging style in a jean ^^

2 volts for me, when pulling 32A on the battery. I’m on Lipos.

Say you have 60 cells, you can make a 12s5p or a 10s6p. Both packs will have the same nominal power output, 43.2V x 100A and 36V x 120A, or 4320W. Under the same load, each cell will have 0.5V of sag, on the 5p pack that is 6.0V of sag, but on the 6p pack that is 5.0V of sag. That would be equivalent to 600W, but more speed loss on 10s

That calculation is off.

0.5v of sag is based on 20a of load per cell.

Theoretically, it you pull 120a from a 10s6p pack, it will sag 5 volts (10x0.5).

If you pull 100a from a 12s5p pack, it will sag 6v (12x0.5)


Not always, moving from from 10S4P to 12S4P you have 20% higher global internal resistance

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