How is this done? Trucks mounted into the deck

Trying to make a board like this mine looks really high, the board in the pic here it looks the trucks are mounted in the deck differently how is this done? There is a differet mounting bracket that sits on the top


You need a deck with a cutout like the hummie or evolve style decks have.

Then you just assemble it so that the baseplate sits on the top of your deck instead of touching the bottom.

This style is called “drop through”


Can’t I just cut it out a bit like that cutout?

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I don’t know, can you?

I know I could do it if the wood was thick enough not to worry me.


Sure if you want the deck to delaminate


Well I have a multi tool should be able to cut it out, also have a router that will do it
My deck is pretty thick about 15mm wood what’s the bracket that sits on the top called
Thanks a million

Let’s not skip over what @Dred said. Heh rhyme.

What deck do you have now?

The top bracket is just the truck baseplate


No a router won’t delaminate the ply, one moment

That bracket is the top of the truck. It is normally on the bottom of the board.

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Yes I see now Thanks

Go for it man, you have the right tool for the job!

There is no bracket, the baseplate of the truck is mounted, from the top, through a cutout in the deck. These kind of decks are referred to as a “drop-through” decks. That specific deck is a Sector 9 Bintang.

Spent a lot of time making that, really want to use it cut out every hexagonal piece

Tourqboards 218mm trucks

Thanks a million for the info

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Can you just disassemble the kingpin so the hanger is separated and assemble it through that cutout?


images (4)


Hope the router isn’t already on…

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No not going to rush it, wish I was young I would have spotted that and worked it out myself
Thanks a million

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Hopefully :slight_smile:

not sure if it was just my deck but i couldn’t mount them dropthough.

Here is the deck

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