How does VESC save the backup configuration and is it possible to have multiple saves?

Hi all, I have a question regarding the ConfigBackup option in VESC tool.

I have made 1 box which has battery, 2 VESC’s, switch, receiver, regs ect, it has all the plugs external such that it allows me to switch the box between my electric skateboard and my electric bike, both of which are duel motor using the same interface.

The only issue is that the VESC’s require different motor configuration depending on if it is in the board or the bike configuration (the microcontroller which I have programmed which takes care of the control signal automatically detects if it is in the board or the bike). My idea it to have a configBackup of each setup, and just apply the backup depending on which I am using.

However from my understanding the backups are saved under the VESC UUID meaning there can only be one backup per VESC? Could anyone explain how this system works and if it is possible at all to have 2 configBackups per VESC (presuming the backup is saved on the device used to take the backup)?

Thanks, E

just export the settings you’d like to save, name them accordingly and load them when you need them?

Just add to this: make sure you load the right thing. Vesc doesn’t ask if you are sure if you want to import/overwrite settings, it just does.

Ahhh thanks I am an idiot, I only found the configBackup settings, not the export settings as XML. Thanks very much

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