How do I ship my board to EU from US?

It doesn’t have to be cheap willing to play up to $200 but I just can’t find an option. I have 10s3p battery in this board so only freight shipping will work, someone please give me some leads.

Ask DHL company

As Roman said, DHL and UPS know what esk8 is and how to ship them.

Perhaps smarter to leave the battery in the states and bring the board with you on the plane. See if you can find somebody to lend you a battery for a small fee.

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@mutantbass I am moving permanently so there is no coming back.

Esiest way may be to sell your battery at home (old home!) and get a new one made when you arrive? Perhaps @pjotr47 will be able to help you out?

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yeah, @pjotr47 and @tinp123 if it has to be rebuild.

Indeed. You can better don’t ship li ion that is bigger then the company told you.

There is always a risk with li ion battery’s. Even the best battery’s in the world.

If you are going to take a battery higer then 99wh or 160wh. Just rent the whole airplane. I don’t care if you died due the own stupidness off take such a big battery on the plane. But I really care about the other guys in the plane.

How higher the amount off wh, most off the time: how higher the amount off Li ion there is inside the battery, how more difficult it is to take care off a smoking/burning battery.

FedEx 2004:
Ups 2006: