How do I protect my Unity?

Now that the Unities are no more, I want to protect the one I have - Are there recommended safe settings that will prevent me from frying it given my setup below? Also if there are any FW versions I should steer clear of. Total beginner when it comes to the Unity setup.

My current setup:

  • 12s4p 30Q pack (TB prebuilt) (BMS - 60A continuous, 150A peak)
  • 2 x TB 6374 190kv motors

I am pretty much using the default settings of 60A max bat discharge, -30A regen brake, max motor current 60A and max brake current 60A. Iā€™m pretty sure these are all under the specs of my gear?

And of course, minimize vibration, heat, water ingress.


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Dismantle it, lay out all the components and cast it in resin. :ok_hand:


Keep it 12s or under and keep it cool.

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Crank up the settings, ride the shit out of it. Chances you will break it are very slim


I ride pretty hard and everyday, no unity has ever failed on me