How do BKB press fit pulleys work? (popoca)

Sorry I posted this at the other site too… I hope I’m just being dumb again.

What holds the pulley onto the wheel? There’s nothing that exerts force in that direction that I can tell. When I crank everything down, I can pull the pulley away from the wheel very easily (pulley is a loose fit in the wheel spokes).

Thanks guys!

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Put heat shrink on the tips of the pulleys.


Are you saying it’s just the friction on the spokes that holds the pulley on the wheel? I don’t think it’ll stand up to the way I ride.

Also the bearing inside the pulley.

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You’re scaring me :slight_smile:

It’s held in place by being installed on the axle .


You need to space it behind the bearing.

Not really, there’s nothing pushing the pulley toward the wheel.

If that’s the case then you had it on wrong or you haven’t tighten axle nut down enough

Wait a second if the ipulleys bearing seat is to big couldn’t the entire pulley slide out onto the hanger.

It seems the only thing holding these on there is the friction between it and the bearing as well as the pin friction that goes into the core.

Is there a lip or something that something pushes against? jlabs replied at the other side with the same advice as @yelnats8j which means just friction and glue.

Wait those are popocas

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I use mine different than they are intended. Part because i run 10mm axles with surfrodz. So my setup is different. I forget about that.

To make it easier to discuss, a photo of metroboard’s press-on pulley shows a lip for the bearing to ride on to compress it against the wheel.


Yeah that’s how i use mine. Got a bearing that fits the bigger hole.

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The core is backwards on popoca’s and i think that affects the interference fit of the pin’s into the core.

And yeah the Jlabs pulley’s compromised to be compatible with regular skate trucks so they share a bearing with the wheel

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That makes sense, as the forces on the pulley from the belt would be borne by that bearing, and there’s a lip so compression works.

Ok I’ll try the shrink and retaining compound. Thanks everyone!

The popoca’s might have a flipped core, the kegal cores are not symmetrical one side of the core has bigger holes.

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When did you get the pulley? There was a bad batch in the past, talk to Jared he may help. I got mine replaced.

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