How crazy is too crazy?

I’ve done a lot of experimenting with Esk8 stuff, in board systems, airplane legal builds, hybrid mtbs and more. However I believe what I am attempting to build this week may be the craziest experiment of all - I’m converting my college board to a system where the batteries are in a backpack instead of on the board.

For reference, the wire is 5 ft long.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done when building?


I tripped over a 5ft long cable and fell on my face :joy:


Cool idea but both landing on a backpack full of batteries and a long cable to step on worries me.


When testing my first board with lipos and no Enclosures I kept the lipos strapped to my calf.


You understand now how insane that was right?


Dont worry I kept them in fire retardant case

Now that I think of it if I bailed the board would just fuck me.


Scooter guys are doing this in SG to get past the imposed 20KG weight limit. As I understand it, they’re using backpacks or food delivery packs to house and magsafe-type or some such to connect and disconnect when they step off for scales. They pass me at night super fast, no lights, dressed in black clothes/facemask.


You may want to add some more caps at the esc’s as long battery wires can produce inductance which gives the esc’s a much harder life.

Other than that issue and tripping it seems not that crazy.

When I first saw the photos I was thinking its just a really long anti spark switch / kill switch leash like on a jetski.


Do you at least have a tiny 500mAh battery on the deck in case the cord pulls away so you still have brakes? And some method to ensure no huge spark on connect/disconnect?

So more like a huge “range extender” in the pack instead of the actual board battery…

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It’s not that crazy. E-bike option keeping the bike as light as as possible. Usually mid drive.

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If you really have to ask, then no. :zipper_mouth_face:
You will make a great couple.:rofl:


Please make a quick release connector so the wire detaches from you or the board in case of a fall

Bad ass build btw

Hard shell back pack would protect the batteries and you from a fall too


In my mind I read this as

“connector came loose at-speed; now no brakes”


How about an auxiliary long range secondary pack that has load sharing features? I’ve been thinking through this for a long range endurance race I have been tossing ideas around for (we are getting a 70mile paved bike trail along the Columbia Gorge very soon).

Can be done pretty easily repurposing a solar MPPT
charge controller. Will charge your battery when you’re stopped, and load balance while riding. I think the Onewheel guys do this almost exactly.

I plan on digging into this topic over the next few months, I’ll be sure to post up my results and build when I’m done.


I figure if I fall the XT90-S will pop out, no? It’s the only connector that I had which fit the bill in terms of amps.


Bara did some similar thing last year I believe.


Yup - taking some inspiration from it. I wish that he’d posted a video with it.


I’ve got 2x ebike ESC and I’m waiting on a dual VESC but can’t ride the board I wanna ride right now… Is there any way I can bodge the ebike ESCs to work while I’m waiting on the world logistics crisis to end? VESC/ESC is the only piece I’m missing, and it’s literally in the air right now.

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They’re usually not very smooth at all, but you could hold an ADC controller and maybe make it work
They’re also usually setup for extremely low kv motors, so it likely wouldn’t work at all unless you know it is compatible

dang 'eh, I’d be using 1 ESC per motor, split the battery output to parallel between the ESCs, and each one would be trying to drive a 170kv motor. TBH I know next to nothing about ebike parts but I would try to split PPM or ADC input instead of trying to CAN it together.

I’d describe these ESCs for the forum but everything is in chinese, they were donated to me and idk what to do with them.