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How can I get Evolve tires over Kaly hubs?

See below for the photos and video.

I have Kaly hubs and Evolve tires which are 175x50. I’ve measured the space for the hub and it is within a millimeter. I’ve tried soap and water, I’ve sanded the edges down a little and am told heat may help make the tires softer so they loosen up.

I believe these tires will fit but I need a workable technique which does not compromise the tire.

My measurement shows 90mm and 94mm.

It is safe to cut the tire to a size that fits the hub since the hub clamps the tire, just remove small amounts of rubber and do it evenly or there is a risk of it coming loose

This will mean the tires can’t go on evolve hubs after this

I did shave away some of the rubber with a Dremel tool and I can see there are thicker fibers in there which I don’t want to shave down. I expect it would compromise the strength of the tire.

Ehh, those fibers should run all the way through the tire so it shouldn’t compromise them unless they are bound in a mesh net edge at the rim intersection

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Tire leavers


I’ll try that once I can pick some up. I avoided using screwdrivers which would either stab the tire or me. For now I have the Mr Tuffy liner inside with the tubes partially inflated.

This could work. I may even heat the over to 180 to soften up the tires and try it.

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Don’t use screwdrivers. You can easily damage your rims or wheel seating edge.

My advice is probably nothing you wanna hear but don’t use this tires :man_shrugging:
The main problem is not to get them on but to get them off the hub.

They are sooooo tight that it is a PIA to remove and takes a lot of force and patience. I use 7" evolve tires on Superstar hubs and everytime I think I’ll crack the hub when removing. Some weeks ago I mounted a 7" evolve tire on an aluminium hub for science (I even greased the hub before). I’m not joking but it took over 2 hours to remove 1 tire even though using many wood sticks and my fingers hurted badly.

If you really wanna use them then I would mount 1 tire first, inflate it, disassemble the hub and then trying to remove the tire. If that works then go ahead with all 4. If it’s stuck I can provide some pics how I removed mine.

Good luck!


Good advice, thanks. I have been thinking the same. I have 1 spare hub for quick fixes when I get a flat. I can try on that one first. I did get bike tire tools today which can help. I am in no hurry though. I just changed out the tires to some Razor tires which may not be as good as what were on there originally but they feel smooth when I ride. And it took plenty of time to get them all in place.

I do have an Evolve GTR so I may as well use the tires on that board.

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