Hobbywing 5255 motors on flipsky 6.6 plus experience

So, I converted my friend’s board to use a flipsky (it’s using p42a) here’s a few weird things I’ve experienced.

So it’s using the hobbywing 5255 motors and the strange things started here

1.with the temp sensor plugged in the foc wizard tells me flux linkage failed.

2.at low speed the torque is garbage

  1. it has the distinct motor “vibration”? That I’ve only experienced on hobbywing motors.

Hobbywing motors are strange as heck

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  1. not sure about the temp thing
  2. try to up the motor amp? what ratio u running at?
  3. motor oscillation?

I think it’s something related to hall sensors, because in low rpm while it uses them to track motor position the torque is shit but when it’s at speed the torque is normal. Also while it uses the halls the motor doesn’t run as smooth as say flipsky or 6368 motors

iirc hall sensor is not needed once u start rolling, what’s ur motor amp set to?
battery amp = high speed torque / acceleration
motor amp = low speed torque / acceleration

60 motor
35 battery

Or maybe I’ve just been spoiled by big motor big amps😅

Those values are very normal, I don’t see any problem. Those are smaller motors than what u r used to, then it maybe feel like less powerful off standstill

You can also adjust the throttle curve to 20% or 30%.
Makes it more responsive and torque feels much better from low speeds.
Edit: Motor vibration is bc of too much amsp for these motors i bet…What number tells the detection? How much amps? Dont raise this value and vibration is gone.