hobby wing disconnects randomly

so today was just riding back from the shops and my remote started vibrating randomly at first i thought it was just my remote telling me i had 20% battery left but it kept vibrating at random intervals. I wasnt going fast so i didnt notice the disconnects at first but when i crossed a main road about 20 mins ago and i had full scroll wheel it nearly threw me of due to the dumb wheel lock up feature. Anyone else had simmilar issues with hobbywing esc’s? I worried cause i dont want to be on the road thrown off and then run over by a car. It has never done this up until now.

I have this on my Wowgo 2s, the reason is that the antenna part of the esc fell off. Not with my wowgo 3 esc

Do you have the oled remote or the old one?

E: is your board fully locking like if you disconnect the remote or just the slight brake when the signal is bad?


Never had this happen on any of my hobbywing escs. Must be a broken antenna.

I had this issue aswell, however i think it was because my battery was fukt.

I had a hobbywing controller where i broke my antenna off, never had an issue :woman_shrugging:

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Which wire is the antenna? Sorry complete noob when it comes to electronics. I opened up the esc compartment and looks like one of the (what i think) capacitors is bent. Again complete electonics noob but i think perhaps cant handle the current then shuts of? Ill attach a picture. Thanks for the help everyone. BTW its a backfire g2s bought it second hand from a friend and upgraded to the r2 remote. Needs a new battery but cant afford one rn let alone a new esc

The caps seem normal. They aren’t always soldered straight.

Your antenna is the long single gray cable with a piece at the endunnamed__01


I see you have a wowgo 3, did you use the “old” wowgo s2 remote with it?

If you use an older remote that could also be an issue, see if you cab get hold of the new one(with display)


I used this one from my s2 on it and had the same as you i think.

Damn, where did you find that picture of the remote? I took that ages ago.

I occasionally use the standard 2s remote with the 3 esc, no problem.

(i happen to have 2 oleds for sale)

While we are it at, i had a interesting bug a few weeks ago.

i often times don’t bother turning the board off, letting the auto shutoff do its job.

Maybe an our later i heard some noise but didnt bother, another hour later it was still there so i looked and would you look at that. The board still was on and the motors were spazzing around back and forth a few mm like a electric toothbrush. The ESC was very uncomfortably hot like a full throttle ride at 35c outside.

Somehow that spazzing heated the esc up. Turned it off manually and it never happened again

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About that issue then i think i cannot help

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About OPs problem, i think its important to know if it’s a hard lock as if you turn off the remote and can’t move it at all or if you lose connection and it brings you to a gentle halt


I never had the old generic hobbywing remote because the friend i bought it from lost it idk how.

I also have the remote randomly buzzing and sometimes even disconnecting and braking. However for me this only happens if I hold it in front of me with my usual gloves for skating… If I hold it behind me at the back of the board than it doesn’t have this problem. Maybe its the ESC antenna