Hey i need a few things

Wheels: will pay around 60$ USD for popcas, caguamas, or torque boards 110 mm wheels
motors: will pay 0-160 for two 6374 motors or 6380 motors 150-190kv
battery: 10s or 12s 4-6p 0-300
also need 44t 15mm kegel wheel pulley

I have new orange Cags with aluminum pulleys installed I don’t use.

what size pulleys?

36t for 15mm belts.

They are pretty much perfect I used them for about a week but Texas is too big pothile wise for these lil fellas.

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97mm black ABEC reflys with about 75 miles on them

how much?


I could build you a battery! Pm me

6374 200kv sealed maytech motors. Brand new in box $115 each
Haggy señor Pepe wheels!? Nearly new $30 for the set

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how much?

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i like the wheels

I paid 110 for the wheel and pulleys. So $85 + shipping. I need to clean them its just Texas dirt on the cores.