Hexagon Foam Grip tape needed.

Hey I’m looking for hexagon foam grip tape but it’s not easy to find for a decent price. Found one for $20 but with $20 shipping than shred lights $39.99 and Onsra Cali for $50 something. I like onsra cuz it’s 4mm and the rest only 2mm. Anything else out there worth looking at???

You give a look asset bkb Griptape Hexagons (50) – Build Kit Boards
EDIT : didn’t check if it’s foam though

I feel like there’s some on Ali somewhere

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First post listed it as too expensive? :grimacing:

Have you tried this? Thats interesting if it does really do anything about vibration and foot fatigue but if it doesn’t I’d be pissed to pay 40$ for grip tape

Exactly how I feel about it