Help with new MTB build

I am going to build my second MTB (I sold the first 5 years ago) and it would help me a lot if you gave me your opinion of the components that I already have chosen and some that I am missing.

First of all, my budget is € 1500 approx. Use 70% offroad, 30% onroad. Maximum viable range. Safety in electrical components, I don’t want to waste time fixing bugs and buying twice, still staying within budget.

Deck - Trampa deck Original HS11
Vesc - Trampa VESC HD-60T TWIN
Motor - Maytech 6374 170Kv
Trucks - Maytech trucks
Wheels - 8 Inch HYPA Wheel Primo Alpha
Batteries - 21700 or 18650 - ¿10s8p?
Gear system - Almost sure custom chain system.
Controler - Still to be decided, nothing very fancy
BMS - No idea

I need some help with this point, what theoretical range could I expect from a 10s8p configuration with Samsung INR21700-40T 4000mAh - 35A?

Gear system
I can’t find a sprocket chain that is light construct/designed, just solid pieces of steel that are too heavy. Any ideas?

Any other advice on any component would help me a lot.

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You could just buy a complete from Trampa, they have a nice battery/ESC solution

I know, it was a possibility, but the complete table without battery is 2,600 €. Quite out of my budget.

Single drive? Also in 8p configuration, I think 40t is a bit overkill money wise.

Etoxx does sell very nice and light sprockets.

They are not listed separately I think, but usually available.
Just send them a mail via E- Mail or pm @NoWind here.


If you buy from Trampa, you might consider to get some infinity trucks from them instead.
Shouldn’t be a big difference in price and from trampa you know what you get as minimum.

If I’m not mistaken, the set of two Infinity trucks costs € 208, I think it’s a big difference. Has anyone around here tried the maytech? I don’t think they look bad…

I will take a look.

Could be with tax, they are 86€ before tax per truck.
The maytechs are the same you can get from every other Chinese shop as well.
They will work for sure, just I personally wouldn’t cheap out on trucks.

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Trampa truck is a better for sure, but to meet a budget of € 1500, I have to cut from somewhere and it didn’t seem like a bad option, but I will consider it.

Look into Molicel P42a cells, they could give you more range per buck. Fogstar UK has them for a good price, they have a thread on here.

You could also save some money by getting a different ESC, although reliability wise Trampa are king, especially since you’re in the EU.

For the BMS I suggest either getting a cheapo Daly waterproof BMS, or a smart BMS from Apex. Apex 12S BLE SMART BMS They also have a pre-built battery that might suit your needs.

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Amazing! they seem very good options. I will consider this esc and the batteries

By the way, these are the maytech trucks, surely they are heavy, but it seems strong construction.

Also I believe there were some issues with hypa hubs being very badly balanced

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Good to know, i have to raise the budget a little and go for some superstars

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I don’t see how to edit the post, so I update the shopping list here.

Around 1200€ here, 500€ for battery and charger and everything else :sweat_smile:

First time I heard about that.
I had two sets and they are both pretty good balanced, but I might be just lucky :sweat_smile:
Or newer batches are different quality from the old ones I have.

The problem with hypa hubs is, that it’s more harder to find pulleys, sprockets or gears for them.
With superstar hubs the choice is way bigger.

ah might be the case

i was talking to someone (cant remember who) about using a set with gear drives and he said his set came really badly unbalanced and they werent so great
superstars or mbs seem to be better options

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If you don’t need the machined ends of the hanger, than just get the infinites and save some moneys.

The moneys you save on those use to get as minimum 2x superstar hubs for the back.
Sooner or later you want to change sprockets or move to gears or what not ever and there is definitely way more choice to find the right stuff with the right hole pattern for superstar hubs.

For the front hubs you still can run hypa hubs.
Nothing bad in it in my humble opinion.

phatlads could be a good option for the rear as they use the superstar pattern and can use 6.5-10 inch tyres