Help! With belts

So I got janux motor mounts and need new belts. I measured the distance, put it in the calc, and ordered from torque boards. The sizes I came up with were close to what he had for sale so I figured I was cool. 350s are way too short when the motor is all the way forward, 385s are way too long with the motor pulled back. When I measure I’m between 3.25 and 3.5 inch’s. No caliper, just a tape. Between 80 and 90mm I believe?? Frig I don’t know

Does anyone have Janux mounts and can measure the motor center to pulley center?

I don’t even think an idler could fix how long these are. The 350s are just maybe 10mm too short but I wanted to ask before I ordered again.

Running 14 to 60

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I would take some string, wrap it around your pulleys as if it were your belts, then measure that length. It’s usually within +/-5mm and you can make that adjustment by moving your motor or adjusting the angle on your mounts


You’re probably going to need something closer to 300mm use this and convert inches to mm.

Like I said, 350 is too short. 385 way too long. 365s on the way. I’m having trouble measuring from center point to center point. Should see if harbor freight has a caliper.

I had thought of the string trick but couldn’t find string. I’ll do that. Thanks good buddy

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