Help with 2nd build, not Sure What to get?



Thinking about my next build I currently have.

Sprinted dual vesc with their remote, really pleased with it performed faultless and great customer service, would use again without hesitation.

TB 218 pretty good apart from bushings too loose

Thinking about helecial drives but on the fence should I use belts again?

Dickios motor mounts seem pretty good.

Dickio motors? They have been pretty good so far I have 190kv should I get 170kv?

Going to get a hemi deck from Nexus UK when they are in stock.

Wondering if there is a better alternative? Would appreciate any guidance from a pro.

2 motors, not Interested in breaking the land speed record Manly road and footpath riding 15mph max.

Thank you

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Haha, I don’t think anyone on here considers themselves “pros” but there are a ton of very helpful people with a ton of experience

As in regards to the rest, what kind of board is it going to be? A mountain board? Street board? Top speed runner? How many motors will it have? All stuff you should decide before any major stuff can be decided. As for motors, I don’t see any reason not to go with boardnamics or flipsky… they make top notch motors and they basically don’t have any downsides. I’m sure @rafaelinmissouri could tune in a bit on the other stuff because I’m not really familiar with the rest. Also for a remote, I would tune into a puck, with all these custom shells coming out there is virtually no reason not to get one because for 150 dollars you basically get the best remote on the market and you can get one of those cool colored batwing or puck puck Bruce remote cases


Can we see your first build? Are the parts you listed ones you already have bought / have in mind for your 2nd build?

Really all I would add is to look at boardnamic hangers and Mounts.
I like them way better than dickyho.

And flipsky motors are pretty good these days.

I just got into a set of gear drives. And still not sure what to think.

The belt drives I have with boardnamics parts are running really well.

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Video of first build just a video demo of lights for someone
Parts I’ve used on first build.

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