Help me fix my Firefly Remote _ it fixed itself :o

Hello, i recently finally assembled my first Firefly remote but i have a problem: when i’m in vesc tool App/PPM/Mapping tab i see a Pulselenght between ~ min1,2ms and max1,7ms. when i drop connection to the transmitter it goes to max1,7ms.Now my question is, how can i make it center on a tx dropout? can i make the pulsewidth wider?

The remote also shows a strange behavior, my hall sensors reads a voltage between 0V and 5V. But i only get a pulsewidth on the receiver from 1,2ms(@ 0V) to 1,7ms(@ 2,5V), between 2,5V and 5V there is no change in pulsewidth.

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I don’t know, im afraid. You can go on and send Emil Jacobsen (the creator of the Firefly) a mail. He answers pretty quickly and is very ambitious about helping people!

The setup consists of magnets affecting a hall sensor. The signal is PWM, the signal is digital so there’s only on and off. If there is 2,5V it has to be a 50% duty cycle, since 5V * 0.5 = 2,5V

I wish I could help you more :confused:

A thing you should look out for:
Don’t mess up polarity of the neodymium magnets.

Wanna show us your remote design etc? :slight_smile:
I just love Fireflies!

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i know, should have stated, it reads the voltage between 0V and 5V depending on the magnets position relative to the hall sensor…

sadly not :sneezing_face: …well, a bit: i send Emil an email

sure i did not, else i would not get full range 0v to 5v reading

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I’m a bit of a retard… i have to press and hold the button to allow positive throttle…

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Ouh… Yes… Well :joy:
Did you build your remote the traditional way?
Did you gain experience with the Arduino nano + NRF module 2 in 1?

I did it the traditional way, but only because i had the parts laying around. Now i’m on the case😎
The heltec 900mhz looks very appealing to me as aio solution, saw that in another thread but didn’t look further.
Next thing for me is very small remote with the seeduino xiao, tiny nrf24 i have on hand and no oled, maybe try a flex sensor on a glove💀dunno

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Is there a (standard/og) firefly shell compatible heltec version?