Help me build a dirt bike

Alright ya’ll, I think it’s time for a new project for me. I told myself I wouldn’t build any more boards this year, and also told my wife that… but a bike isn’t a board, right?

Not leaving esk8 or anything, just wanting something to commute with long distances. I was thinking about building myself a street legal dirt bike style bike. I want to take this thing on mountain bike trails occasionally.

I have NO IDEA where to start with this. Has anybody on here done a similar build or can point me to a forum of some sort? I was looking into Super73 but honestly, I’d rather have a custom build battery and have a project to work on.


“street legal” or street legal.

Big difference lol

@Scepterr has a crazy build, have you seen his thread?

Endless Sphere has a lot of ebike stuff


HA, street legal as in: I can ride it on the street without registering it lmao.

and thanks! Will check it out

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What’s your budget? You could buy a Suron and upgrade it to 72v BAC 8000.

If you’re going full DIY, the Typhoon frame is a good starting point:


Thinking like 3-4k max on this project.

Actually, I’m really liking this and it can fit a big ass battery:


Surron bikes are definitely impressive and there’s a growing aftermarket.

A few links to check out: — parts, batteries, cycle analyst, motors, etc. — parts and bikes — sweet domestic (US) ebikes — also really nice bikes from the States, but more commuter style. Also got some interesting electronics and motor control firmware.

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I’d go full DIY. The BAC 8000, Typhoon frame, 72v battery, and something like a 10KW QS hub motor would fit into that budget. I haven’t built one yet, but I have been planning on it.


Would you take the Typhoon over the vortex?

Also, what do you think about this?

I think the Vortex would take a slightly larger budget. Perhaps you could get away with just spending the extra $300, and whatever the larger battery would cost, if you build the battery yourself. I’m not sure what that thing even holds. It’s enormous.


Here is what you can expect from a 72v/10kw + ebike: 72V Sur Ron Enduro | 🚀 Insane First Ride with 250% Power Increase 🚀 - YouTube

The Typhoon would give you a very similar build.

edit: a word

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Whoops, I ment Typhoon.

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Just wondering what kind of range I can get with that much battery. Think the Typhoon would fit a battery capable of about 60 miles?

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I guess they get about 45 to 60 miles, all depending on riding style , weight, and terrain.

This guy has a ebike dyno, lol: Sur Ron 72v battery DYNO and RANGE TEST!! - YouTube

22hp from a 72v system!

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I just noticed your question about the Kelly controller. I don’t know enough about them to recommend it, but I’m sure someone here or on Endless Sphere knows everything about them. I have heard of Kelly, and as far as I know, they make good controllers. You certainly don’t have to spend $1000 on an ESC.

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Yeah at this point I’m wondering if it’ll be cheaper to do DIY, or just get the Surron-X lol

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You will get a higher level of performance if you DIY. However, you could just get the Suron, and upgrade it later on down the road as needed. It’s a very nice starting platform.


Would you know what I need to order? Besides the big stuff. Don’t want to order everything and then realize I forgot to order something haha

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Unfortunately, I don’t. I just know the main components I listed above.

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