Help! First Build TORQUE 4.12 ESC Flipsky VX1

I’m just about to finish my first build but my ESC is stopping me. I’m using the TORQUE 4.12 ESC and the mini USB port doesn’t seem to work. Several PC’s don’t recognize it at all, blue LED is on but no others. I’ve tried flashing it to no avail.

I recently ordered a Bluetooth module to try and program it through the app. However, my Flipsky VX1 remote uses the same pins as the Bluetooth module.

Assuming the ESC works with Bluetooth, will I be able to program the remote? How can I go about this without losing features?

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You have checked with multiple cables right? Some micro USB cables are power only and dont have the data cables connected.

I think you can only program over bluetooth if the firmware on the VESC is 3.45 or later

Plug the Remote into the PPM input as per the manual and then the UART socket is free

Yeah what BigBrit said. Most cheap USB-mini cables are for power delivery only. The cable needs to say it is capable of data transfer. This is a very common issue I use this cable from amazon

I’ve used several cables sadly. This was my first

Is there a noticeable difference between UART and PPM?
Could I swap the remote to UART after I’m done programming?

I prefer PPM anyways - If you can program it over Bluetooth then I say use it in PPM unless there is a specific reason you dont want to?

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Not really, it’s my first build so I have no preference. Was just wondering what the difference was.

Try installing the Windows Drivers if your using Windows 10.

Still not able to connect unfortunately :disappointed_relieved:

Uart allows for the reverse function that no one needs, ppm is fine if you don’t mind.

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Quick update, programming via the bluetooth module didn’t work.
Got a Flipsky 4.12 and it works perfectly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Man that shucks…

Did TB offer anything for the lemon VESC you got?

I have the Flipsky 4.12 and programmed it from the beginning with the BT + VESC Tool app and no issues whatsoever :+1: