Help a busy esk8er out!

Hey guys, I know I should be searching for all this info myself, but as usual I am crazy busy with my business especially due to the pandemic. Maybe some of you guys bored at home can hook me up with the info I need.

  1. What is the latest stable firmware for the FocBox Unity and where can I download it? A link to a guide on how to actually upgrade it would be appreciated too. I am having an issue where my motors cut out for a split second when I accelerate at 100% for 2-3 seconds. After I let off the throttle very slightly, the problem goes away. I think a firmware update will fix this, but if anyone has more info that would be great!

  2. The built in bluetooth on my Unity appears to have stopped working. Is this a known design flaw? Is the only fix to get a new BT module and plug it in?

  3. What happened to Enertion!?!? I saw an Instagram ad selling Raptor 2.1 parts and I bought another Unity in case mine dies someday and I need a quick replacement.


they voluntarily liquidated and FatDaddy now runs .builders.

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Too bad. Anyone continuing Unity production?

Welcome to 2020, be sure to cover your mouth when you cough.

I can be your unity Bluetooth of last resort. Metr pro is a pretty good option


not that i know of, but @jeffwuneo made the neobox which is supposedly rly good and @torqueboards is producing a new vesc


Great! Maybe they can actually deliver in a timely fashion…

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23.46, you can flash it using the focbox UI app or via pc. The app will automatically look for the most recent version if you are online.

Yes to the Bluetooth module as well. It’s stupidly easy to swap.

Top right in the photo

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Good to see you again, Morgan. Still rocking that enclosure you hooked me up with.