Helmet Funk - what to do?

No, not the German fashion designer.

Anyone got any tips for de-funking a helmet? It’s getting hotter and I am sweating more and despite keeping silica packs in the helmet bag my TSG Pass is starting to get a little funky.

I hear wearing some kind of cap makes a big difference on keeping it fron getting that way.

@Mikenopolis got a link?

something like this?


Nailed it

When it’s hot I wear fox proframe otherwise tsg pass

Just get some of those shoe fresheners and leave them in ur helmet after a ride

Is the helmet liner permanently attached? I know you can pull it out a bit but never tried on mine. If you can, cold wash it and maybe wipe down the foam with disinfectant.

looks like it’s removable, that is something new I learnt today!

From my biking days I wore these “Heatsweats” caps. I got a bunch of them over the years and just handwash them. Keeps my helmet liners from absorbing sweat

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It is completely removable. Just take it out and wash it.


Air dry it! you don’t want the liner to shrink

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I always handwash these types of things.
The only time we ever use our tumble dryer is for down jackets etc.

burn it.


Sanitizer spray especially 4 helmets

Remove what you can for hand washing

Yeah no machine wash!

For the bits that won’t come out, something like this

Bike helmets have been using for decades, when they smell like a crypt it’s time to move on