Haya V1 Complete for sale $750 OBO

Subject: [US] Haya v1 deck with 12s3p battery. 6355 motors.

Battery: 12s3p built by JoeyZ
Deck: Haya v1
Motors: Torque Board 6355
Wheels: 110mm TB
ESC: Bkb xenith
Remote: Hoyt St Puck

EDIT: Sold locally.

Custom Haya 12s3p board for sale

Hey guys. Relisting my board here with a lower price. Selling mainly because I discovered going fast on wood was too much for me haha. Selling to potentially buy an e-bike.

Also worth noting is on the trucks there are custom 3D printed brackets that house the charting port and power button. It’s also on several risers and I’ll be honest you can slightly feel the cable on the back end through the top deck but if you have some power tools you can shave off some more room on the inside. Board works great, may need some new bearings and there’s a little bit of rub on the bottom side. Would prefer not to part it out.

Price (USD): 750 OBO + Shipping



Free bump for a sick deal. Someone snag this before my wallet takes an uneeded hit :crazy_face:

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if inflation and grocery stores weren’t demanding all my coins I’d definitely snag this bad boi!


Hahahaha ended up selling locally